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Sexy Shower & Bath


Relax and unwind with our range of sensual soaps, erotic bath bombs and sexy shower products. Whether you’re showering alone or with your partner, these sexy shower and bath products are all you need for some frisky fun in the tub. Shop the full range now for free delivery over $50 and discreet packaging always.

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Sexy Shower & Bath Products

Indulge in a sensual bath or shower for 1 with our range of sexy shower products. Choose from soap that you can get down and dirty with, tools to induce wet and wild pleasure or erotic bath bombs for setting the mood. Pamper yourself with oils, moisturizers and luxury shaving creams for an intimate experience with yourself.

Light a candle, get out your sexy soap, choose your favorite bubble bath, and relax for the evening. Why not even involve your best waterproof vibrator for some sensual solo play during your me-time? Shop the full range of erotic shower and bath products now.

Erotic Bath Bombs

There’s nothing better than a warm, relaxing bath after a long day. But why not make your bath that little bit more special with our erotic bath bombs? Spice up your bath time whether you’re alone or with your partner for that much needed stress relief. The sensual scents of the erotic bath bombs will leave you feeling relaxed and aroused. Seductively scented bath bombs are specially formulated to set the mood for your steamy erotic bath time.

Some of our erotic bath bombs, like the Sexy Surprise Bath Bomb, even comes with a hidden vibrating toy. Once dissolved, use this toy to bring yourself to orgasm and have yourself a sensual solo bath time. Our erotic bath bombs are the perfect bath time partner to relieve some stress and awaken your libido.

Sensual Soaps For Shower Sex

Explore each other’s bodies and pleasure in the shower with the help of our range of sensual soaps and gels. The sensual scents and luxurious feeling of the erotic soaps and gels on your body is sure to turn you on. Shower sex will never be the same again without your favorite sexy soap.

Choose from our range of shower sets that induce arousal and pleasure during your sexy shower time. Include your partner in your shower time ritual as they wash you with erotic soap, or drizzle over some erotic shower gels and oils for the amazing sensations.

Sexy Shower & Bath FAQs

How Do You Prepare An Erotic Bath?

Whether you’re looking for some sensual alone time or you’re wanting to spice up an evening with your lover, our range of erotic shower and bath products are perfect. First, light some sensual candle to set the mood and dim the lights. Next run a bath with some scented bubble bath that will feel silky and smooth against your skin or add an erotic bath bomb to add some fizz to your experience. Then get out your sexy soap to clean your body. Whether you’re with your partner or swimming solo, we recommend any waterproof sex toys. Why not incorporate an erotic novel too for an extra level of arousal?