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Sex Toy Chargers


Never be without your favorite sex toy raring and ready to go. Our sex toy chargers are compatible with a range of different vibrators, dildos and more for easy access and for those who are well travelled. Shop our huge range of charging cords for sex toys now and get free delivery over $50 and discreet packaging always.

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Vibrator Chargers

Our range of vibrator chargers are handy to have backups of for when your favorite toy needs a charge boost. All our vibrator chargers are easy to use and travel with meaning you can take your pleasure pal and its charger cord wherever you go. The last thing you need when you’re away on a romantic getaway is your trusty vibrator running out of charge when you need it the most. Shop our collection of vibrator chargers now to charge your favorite clit vibrator, wand vibrator or any other vibrator now.

Dildo Chargers

Dildo chargers are necessary for keeping your vibrating dildo working at all times. You never want to be without your fully charged dildo! Keep playing for longer with our dildo chargers. Compatible with many dildos, we always recommend having backup in case of emergencies. Whether you’ve left your dildo charger on vacation, dropped it in the toilet or it’s just the end of its life, our wide range of dildo chargers are a necessity to have. Shop the full range of dildo chargers now for your security.

Magnetic Sex Toy Chargers

If your sex toy charger cable has been lost or damaged, then you need a magnetic sex toy charger to hand. With a magnetic sex toy charger, you never have to worry about your favorite sex toy running out of juice again. Our magnetic sex toy chargers are discreet enough to look like any old chargers, and so won’t raise suspicion. Get your fix of pleasure whenever you like by always having your sex toy charged at all times with our range of sex toy chargers. Shop your favorite sex toy and get a compatible backup now to ensure you’re never without your favorite pleasure tool.

Sex Toy Chargers FAQs

Can You Use Your Sex Toy While It’s Charging?

Although it’s tempting, we always recommend waiting until your toy is done charging before use. Even if your toy is 100% water resistant, the charger may not be, so it’s best to keep it well away from any liquids or fluids. Most sex toys don’t take long to fully charge, so whilst it’s charging, try getting in the mood by reading an erotic novel or watching your favorite porn video.

How Do You Know If Your Sex Toy Is Fully Charged?

Your sex toy should give some indication on when it’s fully charged. This may be a certain color light, the charging light turns off, or it may make a sound. You should find instructions on the packaging of your sex toy that lets you know how to identify your fully charged toy. Please also be aware that the time it takes for your toy to charge differs for each. Shop the full range of charging cords for sex toys now.