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Sexual Whips


Discover dozens of beautiful sexual whip and leather flogger designs. These toys can spice up vanilla sex sessions and help keep things interesting.

Elegant, easy to use and affordable, our sexual whip toys will leave you wanting more. Fulfill your sexual fantasy of a good old-fashioned spanking or a light whipping in the most exciting and safest way.

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What is a Sex Whip?

A sex whip is an impact toy that usually features a single tail on the end of a stiff, comfortable handle. As a category of bondage toys, BDSM whips can refer to anything from a feather tickler to a sex flogger to a high-end whip.

Available in endless variations, bondage whips are designed to increase pleasurable sensations through physical pain. From single tail bull whips that can test the user's level of tolerance to beautiful leather floggers that cause stingy physical sensations. BDSM whips are a perfect choice for couples who enjoy kinky sex.

Compared to hand or paddle spanking, BDSM whips are known to provide more intense impact. Unlike spanking paddles, high-quality, leather whips won't leave big marks on the sub's body. However, some of these adult toys, such as our spiked chain whips, are only suitable for experienced BDSM lovers.

While BDSM whips symbolize power and control, feather ticklers are designed to tease, relax and soothe. They are often used for gentle sensory stimulation and aftercare.

BDSM Whips: New Sensations, Maximum Pleasure and Full-Body Orgasms

BDSM fetish whips are a great addition to a kinky sex game. If you enjoy the pleasure of whipping, a BDSM sex whip can fulfill your sex life fantasy in a safe manner. Whatever your level of experience with bondage sex toys, a sex flogger or whip made of high-quality materials will suit your needs.

If you like to experiment with various impact toys, here are a couple of reasons why you might enjoy using these toys:

  • Soft sensations - People who consider starting with light bondage practices will enjoy a feather tickler or a whip flogger. These toys are perfect for a ticklish and feather sensation, rather than firm spanking.
  • Beginner friendly - BDSM whips are a great introduction to impact play. You can please your partner with a sensual experience of feathery flogger sex toys or deliver heightened sensations using a novelty whip.
  • Added stimulation - Whipping can make your sub's skin feel incredibly sensitive. For added stimuli, try slowly dragging the whip down your partner's spine to the buttocks. This can heighten their anticipation, making them hungry for more.
  • Maximum pleasure - Gently whipping the body before and after an orgasm can drastically increase satisfaction. Learn the whipping patterns your partner enjoys. This can enhance your bond and make sex a lot more fun.
  • Powerful orgasms - The link between pain and orgasmic experience is rooted deeply in our biology. Pain causes the release of endorphins, which can induce the feeling of euphoria. Thus, experiencing pain right before pleasure can heighten arousal, leading to more powerful orgasms.

How to Use Spanking Bondage Toys in Bed

Before you engage in a sexual practice that involves whipping, discuss boundaries with your partner. Talk about your role play fantasies, discomfort levels, aftercare routine, and make sure to have a safe word.

High-quality whips are great toys for BDSM play as they can provide different sensations depending on user's preferences. Single tail whips are mainly suitable for experienced BDSM lovers, while feathery toys and floggers are excellent options for beginners.

Start slow and tease your partner. Creating anticipation before using a whip can heighten senses for a greater delight. Use the appropriate force and pay attention to the discomfort level of your partner. Aim for the fleshiest part of the body and avoid areas such as the pelvic bone.

If your sub enjoys pain, try whipping the back of their thighs. After your session, stimulate the spanked areas manually, use soothing cream or massage oil. This can provide added pleasure to your partner.

Sex Whips FAQs

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