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Mouth Gags


Discover a wide selection of mouth gag restraints designed to let couples have fun during BDSM role play. Our breathable ball gag designs and head harnesses fulfill sexual kinks in a safe way.

From classic ball and bit gag options to BDSM fetish and penis mouth plugs, all our products are body-safe and easy to use. They feel and look exciting on a submissive partner who enjoys having a sense of helplessness.

Browse our varied collection of the best mouth gags on the market, shop online and enjoy discreet shipping.

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What is a Mouth Gag?

A mouth gag is a bondage toy intended to fill the mouth of the restraint partner. Also known as a ball gag, it usually consists of a ball with a strap attached to it. The ball is placed behind the teeth and secured with the strap that goes around the cheeks and chin or over the head. This is why it sometimes called the harness gag or head harness BDSM.

A gag is a device used in sexual bondage and BDSM roleplay. Gags are usually associated with roleplays involving bondage, but that is not necessarily the case. The person who wears the gag is regarded as the submissive partner, while the other is regarded as the dominant one. People may wear gags for a variety of reasons. Some people derive erotic pleasure from a gag, either in a submissive or dominant role. (Wikipedia)

Mouth ball and head harnesses were used centuries ago as a way to keep patients quiet during surgical procedures. They were also used as a means to humiliate and quiet prisoners. However, today, restraint mouth gags and head harnesses are most often used in the BDSM scene.

Mainly, they come in leather or silicone options, body-safe and easy to use. Dominant partners enjoy using humiliation mouth gags on their lovers to enhance their erotic helplessness during sexual role playing. Of course, always keep safety considerations in mind when experimenting with BDSM toys.

Those who have a sensitive gag reflex should consider other types of gags that are shaped differently, are smaller, or do not have a ball. Explore our varied selection as we carry all the most popular types of gag balls for people who enjoy BDSM play.

Unleash Your Fetish Fantasy with Different Types of Gags

The type of gag used during sensory deprivation games will impact the type of sexual desires one fulfills in a BDSM context. The bondage leather or bondage silicone mouth restraint and head straps are used as a part of sexual role playing in a form of restraint or mask.

Here are the most common types of gags BDSM fetish designs:

  • Breathable Bondage Restraints: Breathable ball gags such as classic ball and bit gag designs and bondage mask gear are a good choice for beginners. These gags BDSM styles are light and often come with holes. The holes make breathing easy through the mouth even when the person is gagged. The submissive can grunt and make noises.
  • Rope & Duct Tape Gags: This type of BDSM fetish slave sex toy became a very popular choice among BDSM practitioners. BDSM duct tape is body-safe and can be used in a wide range of activities. Rope and bondage tape gag options are usually placed over the mouth to restrict intelligible speech and loud noises.
  • Mouth Opening Type Gags: This type of gag bondage is designed to give the dominant partner full control while keeping the submissive partner's mouth open. The most popular types are O-ring gag and spider gag models as well as silicone open mouth gag with adjustable straps. These styles often come with attachment points for sex toys.
  • Muzzle Gags & Mouth Corsets: Those who prefer enhanced bondage play may want to consider these over-the-mouth covers. Such as muzzle and panel gags or corsets. They are designed for a submissive position as they prevent intelligible speech. The corsets cover both the mouth and neck.
  • Oral Sex & Dildo Gags: Oral sex and dildo penis mouth gag designs have a masturbation sleeve or dildo attached. Some forms of this bondage gear will have a silicone penis on both the inside and outside of the humiliation mouth gag. Because of this, the dildo gag wearer may experience extra erotic helplessness.

How to Use a Safety Harness: Breathable Dildo, Muzzle, Rope, O-Ring & Silicone Ball Gags

The most important part about using a simple muzzle gag is to make sure to have the bound person's consent. Using the humiliation mouth gag is simple. Put the gag inside the mouth, and strap it at the back of the head.

When playing around with any form of BDSM, it is important to use a safe word. Mouth covers are designed to offer enhanced fun, but it also requires safe actions. When anxiety levels are elevated, the risk of asphyxiation is always present. Especially when using a hand-made molt mouth gag or other mouth stuffing type of toys. That is why risk awareness and the constant reminder are important.

It is advised to start with light bondage restraints and then move on to more hardcore gags for humiliation. Using soft rope or rougher rope is good for newbies who are unsure if they'll enjoy a submissive position or captive scene. But, whether a person uses a humiliation mouth gag or a roll of duct tape, the risk of asphyxiation is always present. Make sure to indulge in bondage gear play with risk awareness in mind.

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