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Sex Restraints


Explore the world of kinky BDSM sex, role play, and adult games with the best bondage restraints. No matter how adventurous you and your lover are, we have dozens of different sex toy types for the kink-curious and seasoned players.

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What are Sex Restraints?

Sex restraints are a category of adult toys used to increase sexual pleasure through different physical sensations. Bondage masks, kinky cuffs with nipple clamps, and other bondage restraints restrict the submissive partner's movement for greater sexual satisfaction.

As the intensity of stimulation depends on personal preferences, these pleasure products come in a variety of styles. Padded blindfold masks, mouth gags with hollow balls, soft cuffs, and other bondage straps are great for light stimulation. Made from satin fabric and silicone, they provide soft and comfortable physical sensations.

Leather bondage, metal sex handcuffs, labia spreader straps, thigh cuffs, genital clamps, penis and vaginal plugs can be a good choice for experienced users. These BDSM toys allow users to create a unique bondage playground and deliver intense sensations during humiliation play.

Although the sensations may vary from light to intense, risk awareness is always essential to ensure the safety of everyone involved. Risk-aware consensual kink is an important principle of any dominant/submissive relationship.

Everyone can find a BDSM sex toy for their desired level of control. And, to make the experience safe, sane and consensual, all participants should be fully aware of the potential risks.

Blindfolds, Wrist/Ankle Cuffs, Nipple Clamps & Other Bondage Restraints

BDSM fetish restraints are a great tool for partners in committed relationships who want to explore their sexual fantasies. These bondage toys can accommodate all body shapes, and add intense sensations, thrill, and excitement to any sex life.

  • Blindfolds & Masks - Using blindfolds and bondage masks during sex often results in heightened senses. Blindfold your partner and tease them until they are overcome with desire!
  • Collars & Leashes - BDSM fetish collars are great if you want to spice up your sex game. In BDSM relationships, a posture collar can also symbolize a certain level of ownership over the sub.
  • Cuffs & Spreader Bars - Wrist restraints or ankle cuffs can add more excitement to any sex game. Spreader bars with cuffs restrain a sub and provide extra support during BDSM sex play.
  • Ball Gags & Clamps - If you use a bondage boutique sex toy for couples like ball gags or any type of clamps, you'll enjoy a sense of release. When the blood rushes back to the area, it makes your erogenous zone more sensitive and aroused.
  • Sex Furniture & Rope Bondage - BDSM sex swings and position pillows often come with kinky cuffs attached. If you use rope bondage to create a perfect scene, it's a good idea to have bondage scissors (often come included with a restraint set).

Choosing the Right Bondage Gear: Full-Body Restraints, Bondage Tape, Handcuffs

Whether you're looking for a specific physical sensation or it's your kick-start, a bed restraint kit can be a perfect choice. It usually has extra lengthy straps that fit under most standard mattresses, as well as around headboards and frames. Restraints for ankles and wrists come in a wide variety of materials. From furry, vegan leather and silicone options to metal handcuffs. If you use tape or rope, it's recommended to have bondage scissors at hand.

A bondage set is another great option if you're for a full-body restraint system. It usually contains a pair of cuffs, blindfolds, and other essential bondage gear items. Such as breathable ball gags, nipple clamps, and spanking BDSM toys. Advanced kits may include cock rings, anal plugs, and hooks. These adult sex toys are especially good for people with prostates.

Whatever your choice, always remember to talk to your partner before you engage in any level of submission.

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