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Sexual Machines


Experience the exciting sensation of a sexual machine that can fuck you longer, harder, and deeper. Sexual machines can stimulate you in new ways with fast speeds that don’t slow until you do.

We use the highest standards to select the best sex machines and toys for your ultimate pleasure. We offer the highest-quality fucking machines for him, her, and them. With various choices for materials, styles, and intensities, every fetish can get satisfied with sexual machines.

Peruse our selection of titillating toys and sex machines and live out your wildest fantasies today.

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What Are Sexual Machines?

Sexual machines or fucking machines are electronic machines that penetrate, ride, or suck you for a solo or group pleasure experience like you’ve never had before. Sex machines come in several styles to suit all genders and preferences, whether you enjoy anal penetration, vaginal stimulation, or blowjob masturbators.

Types of Sexual Machines

There are many sexual machines worth trying with a partner or on your own. For example, the top three types of fuck machines that meet our high standards include thrusting machines, power tool-style fucking machines, and pony-style sex machines.


A thruster sexual machine uses a dildo on a moving contraption that thrusts at the angle and speed of your choosing. Some thrusters are electronic, while others are powered by a partner. Thruster-style sex machines let you have the deep penetrative sex you desire without requiring a partner.

Power Tool

Power tool-style sexual machines like a jackhammer sex machine are attached to a surface on a rotating base that allows you to penetrate yourself from any angle with speed like a powerful jackhammer, continually thrusting until you squirt, scream, or moan out in ecstasy.


Giddy-on-up pony style and ride like the wind with fuck machines that let you straddle a moving dildo for optimal pleasure. Pony-style sex machines stimulate your g-spot and penetrate you deeply for an intense rush that’ll have you going for rounds two, three, and more.

Why Choose A Sex Machine

A sex machine is an incredible way to spice up your sex life and enjoy solo or group pleasure. Sex machines are unconditional lovers with no need to stop for a breather or wait between sessions. Instead, you control the speed, angle, and intensity while keeping your hands free for other uses.

As the experts in sex toys, we’ve seen lots of satisfied customers choose sex machines for the following reasons:

  • Explore your body and find the angles that work the best

  • Experience solo pleasure with a new and intense toy

  • Stimulate your g-spot

  • Live out your fantasies for a larger penis size or more vigorous sex

A sex machine can help you enjoy sex on a new level without the pressure or stress of a partner finishing too soon.

How To Use a Sex Machine

Using a sex machine is an exhilarating way to give your body new sensations. It’s easy to get started using your sex machine by following the steps below:

  • Set up your sex machine following the device instructions

  • Adjust the angle of your sex machine

  • Prepare your atmosphere and relax your body

  • Use lots of lube

  • Turn the machine on and adjust the speed and intensity to your desire

  • Lay back and enjoy yourself as your machine thrusts into you

  • Experience the mind-blowing sensations and adjust the angle to increase your pleasure

Be sure to remove the device gently should you experience any painful sensations while playing with your exciting new toy.


The fun never has to stop with fuck machines that continually stuff you and push you to your limits of pleasure. Learn more about these incredible sex toys with answers to fuck machine FAQs below.