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Mouth Gags

Silence your partner as you take them into submission as the dominating partner. Mouth ball gags come in a huge range of styles to keep the erotic moans of your submissive lover hushed. Shop the best open mouth gags now for free delivery over $50 and discreet packaging always.

BDSM Mouth Gag

Ball gag sex toys are an amazing way to elevate your BDSM play and take things to a whole new level. If your sub is known for being too loud in the bedroom, muffle those sexy moans and groans with one of our gag balls for sex. Open mouth gags increases the arousal of both the submissive and the dominant part. By restricting the ability to communicate, the sub relying heavily on your partner to give pleasure which can be a huge turn on and make every touch feel even more sensual. When the sub is silenced, this gives the dom freedom to take control without interruptions creating an empowering and erotic experience.

BDSM mouth gags are great for increasing intimacy and trust in your sexual relationship. As you aren’t able to communicate, you’re leaving your pleasure and your experience in the hands of your lover. Our open mouth gags come in a range of different sizes for all BDSM experience levels, and some are even open so that access to the mouth is still there. To take your experience even further, pair your BDSM mouth gags with blindfolds and restraints to take your enjoyment to a whole new level.

Sex With Gags

Gag sex is a whole new way to play during sexy time with your partner. They’re comfortable to wear and come in different sizes to suit everyone. The Sex gags typically involve a ball or ring attached to straps that goes around the wearers head. You can choose the size ball gag sex toy that’s best for you and can even choose a ring mouth gag sex toy if you still want the choice of taking part in oral sex. Sex with gags involves a lot of trust and intimacy and can bring you and your partner together on another level. Shop the full range of sex gags now to begin your intimate journey.

Some advanced play may even involve a dildo mouth gag which involves the wearer taking part in some deep throat training via a dildo on their end of the gag. Play around with these kinky sex gags for incredible experiences. It’s important to choose the right ball gag sex toy for you, so shop around the different sizes for one that’s comfortable with a good fit!

Mouth Gags FAQs

Why Use Open Mouth Gags?

A mouth gag sex toy is typically used during BDSM plays to keep your partners mouth open whilst getting kinky. They come in a range of shapes and sizes with a range of different uses. Some involve rubber or silicone balls, and some involve metal rings. Gag balls for sex are typically used during BDSM to keep the wearer silenced during play and are a great way of showing vulnerability and explore submissive sex. They’re also a way to heighten the sensations you’re feeling. By taking away your speech, it allows you to focus more on animal instincts and focus on the sensations you’re experiencing.

How Do You Use A Mouth Gag?

Place the gag inside your mouth and have your partner adjust the strap behind your head until it’s comfortable. The straps should feel secure but not too tight or painful. There are different sized open mouth gags available, so if you’re unsure, start off with a smaller gag and work your way up. It’s also not recommended that you use a gag ball for sex if you’re suffering from a cold or a sinus infection as your breathing could be restricted even further. Shop the range of mouth ball gags now to start your gag journey.