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Sex Restraints

Dip your toe into the erotic world of bondage and BDSM with our range of sex restraints. Get all tied up in the action and prepare for an incredibly fun night. Shop our range of BDSM restraints whether you’re a beginner or an expert now for free delivery over $50 and discreet packaging always.

Best Sex Restraints for Beginners

If you’re just starting out in bondage play, then we have a huge collection of the best sex restraints for beginners online. Sure, you can tie your partner up with whatever you can find laying around the house, but if you want the full bondage experience, then choose one of our best sex restraints that have your comfort in mind. With specially selected materials, padding and fastenings that ensure secure yet comfortable wear, our sexy bondage restraints are perfect for any level of BDSM experience.

Explore your kinky side with our range of the best sex restraints for beginners. Whether you want to explore handcuffs, ties, leashes orslings, we have the sex restraint toy for you. Shop the full range of BDSM and bondage restraints now for an incredibly erotic night. If you’re just starting out in bondage, make sure to take things slow and use sex toys you’re comfortable with.

BDSM Restraints

Our BDSM restraints are perfect for those who love to explore some power play by taking control in the bedroom. Tie up your lover to refrain them from touching, no matter how much they want to, as you tease and tantalize them during some sensation play. Use one of our whips, paddles or slappers to induce some incredible pleasure. Enjoy the satisfaction of knowing you’re in control and their pleasure is in your hands.

On the other hand, for those who relish the anticipation of being tied up and teased, discover our huge collection of BDSM and bondage restraints. We have dozens of sex restraints that are incredibly erotic and can take your BDSM play to the next level. Try incorporating blindfolds into the mix to heighten all senses; the combination of being restrained and not being able to see is a wonderfully erotic cocktail that can make every touch, kiss and lick even more agonizing as you’re unable to see or touch. Shop the full range of BDSM restraints now for some kinky play time.

Sexy Bondage Restraints

No bondage toolbox is complete without some sexy bondage restraints. Romantix has all the equipment you need for a steamy night, whether you want to tie your partner to the bed, explore some Japanese bondage or simply cuff their hands behind their back, we have a wide range of sexy bondage restraints to suit you.

Our BDSM and bondage restraints come in a range of materials, choose from metal, rope, leather or silk for the look and feel that you’re after. They’re all completely comfortable for longer wear and are made from safe and durable fabric. Shop the full range of BDSM and bondage restraints now.

Sex Restraints FAQs

How Do You Introduce Restraints into Your Relationship?

Introducing restraints in your relationship can be daunting if one or more partners aren’t too keen on the idea. However, start by bringing up the subject of restraints and how you’re interested in experimenting. Once your partner/s get on board, try out a pair of handcuffs to begin with. Handcuffs don’t take too much figuring out and can be extremely comfortable.

Put the handcuffs on yourself or your partner and start slowly by kissing, touching and licking. When you feel more comfortable, start introducing toys that you feel comfortable with. Once you’re more experienced, you can explore other sex restraints for kinkier sex sessions.

How Do You Use Restraints?

Romantix stocks many different types of restraints to suit every couple. Some are easy to use like our handcuffs or collars and leashes, however some may need a bit more practice to get right. Our bondage rope can be used in many different ways during your bondage session, you can read exactly how to use this rope with our erotic books.