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BDSM & Bondage Toys

Get all tied up with our incredible collection of kinky BDSM and bondage toys from playful to punishing and everything in between. Shop our full collection of the best BDSM toys and bondage gear now and get free delivery on orders over $50 with discreet packaging always.

BDSM Gear for Every Level

Whether you’re a beginner in BDSM gear and want to explore the many different beginner options available such as handcuffs, blindfolds, paddles and even ready-made BDSM sets, or if you’re an expert and want to dive deep into some cock and ball play or fisting, we’ve got the tools you need for some intense and erotic play. A great way to get a feel for bondage sex toys is with some BDSM gear and accessories. Choose from leather BDSM harnesses, blindfolds, masks and collars for some incredibly erotic BDSM play.

Our range of bondage equipment and fetish gear comes in a range of forms for many different kinks. Whether you’re into a leather fetish, latex fetish or you’re into some role play with masks and hoods, there’s an item of BDSM and fetish toys for you. bondage equipment and fetish toys can be used for all kinds of sexual activities and is perfect for anyone wanting to try out some adventurous and kinky play. Our collection of BDSM gear is perfect for those who enjoy some leather, latex, spanking or sensation play. Whether you’re after some pain play during your bondage sex session or some pleasure, we have the best BDSM toys and bondage gear to give you a perfect night.

We stock a range of bondage toys for you to try out during your BDSM fetish play. Whether you’re after a fisting dildo to take your anal play to the next level or you want to try some e-stim BDSM sex toys, we have a huge range to satisfy your desires.

BDSM & Bondage Sex Toys

Enjoy some incredibly erotic and intense play with your partner (or partners) with our range of BDSM and bondage toys especially designed to induce pain, pleasure, arousal and anticipation for a fun and kinky night. Whether you’re a beginner in bondage toys or a BDSM veteran, we have a range of high-quality BDSM sex toys for you to explore.

Choose our nipple clamps or suckers for some titillating stimulation during sex or foreplay or include a pinwheel for a unique sensation of pain and pleasure. Whether you enjoy being spanked, tickled, tied up or electrocuted, we have the collection of BDSM sex toys we’re sure you’ll love.

BDSM & Fetish FAQs

Why Buy BDSM and Fetish Gear?

Even before the popular books and movies, Fifty Shades of Grey, BDSM and fetish sex toys had been around for centuries. Since the popular franchise, the curiosity of BDSM has increased massively. BDSM and fetish gear allows people to explore their sexuality, power dynamics between lovers and how they experience pleasure.

Experimenting with restraints, whips, slappers, chokers, electro-stimulation and more can be exhilarating and intimate. It allows you to let go and run away with the fantasy and can give you pleasure you never knew you could have.

How Do You Start with Bondage Sex Toys?

If you’re a beginner with BDSM and bondage toys or are curious about how to start, we have a range of BDSM sets to get you started. These kits include different mixes of bondage gear that you can explore, including handcuffs, whips, masks and more for you to get a feel for the kink.

If there are certain toys you want to experience, we recommend first starting slow and make sure to communicate with your partner beforehand to agree on safe words, what toys you will use and how hard you will spank. This way, you won’t feel overwhelmed and know there is a way out if need be. But most importantly when starting out with BDSM and fetish sex toys, have fun.