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Edibles For Sex


Sweeten up your bedroom antics with our range of edible sex products from candy bras to edible cock rings. There’s so much fun to be had with edible sex items! Browse the full range now and get free delivery over $50 with discreet packaging.

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Best Edibles For Sex

Try out something a little different for dessert by incorporating it with your favorite activities. Cover yourself in dreamy chocolate and let your lover sensually lick it off. Apply it to your most sensitive areas for an incredibly fun and tasty task. Alternatively use our range of edible massage oils to turn pamper time into sexy time. Drizzle over your favorite flavor such as mango, pineapple or watermelon and enjoy the delightful sensations of kissable products over your body. The flavors are good enough to eat!

Get down and dirty with our range of the best edibles for sex. Our edible nipple pasties are the perfect sexy task for those who love nipple stimulation. Choose your favorite look and stick them over your nipples at the beginning of your sex session. Have your lover lick and suck until they reveal the pleasure nubs underneath. Nipple pasties are the perfect sex accessory for those who love nipple play and those who have a sweet tooth. For extra sweet stimulation, use out edible body paint to draw or write seductive things on yours or your lover’s body. Or draw a map of exactly where you want to be licked. Shop the best edibles for sex online at Romantix now.

Edible Underwear For Sex

Our range of edible underwear for sex lets you eat your favorite sweets off your lover to reveal the sensual surprise underneath. Shop candy bras, candy cock rings, candy nipple tassels and more for a delicious bedtime treat. Who said midnight snacks were bad for you? Enjoy this saucy treat during your bedroom adventures as a way to satisfy your sweet tooth and arouse your partner. The sensual licks don’t have to stop at the candy.

Edible underwear for sex is extremely effective of turning you on. It’s a happy challenge that leads to an even happier ending. Our edible sex items will leave you looking good enough to eat, and your usual dessert will never feel the same again! Shop the full range of edible underwear for sex now and pair with other stimulating products like vibrators.

Edibles FAQs

How Do You Use Edibles For Sex?

Edible sex products are extremely versatile and can be used however you like. For example, use our range of edible massage oils to give your partner a sensual massage with a happy ending when you lick it all off, especially in their most intimate areas. Or use our range of edible paint to pin point exactly where you want to be touched, licked or kissed. Or just have fun painting pictures on each other! If using edible sex lube try drizzling over your partner like they’re your favorite dessert and have fun licking it all up. All of our edible sex items are safe to consume (however we recommend not in large quantities at once), so have fun exploring each other!

What Edible Sex Product Should I Buy?

Depending on the type of experience you want will determine the best edibles for sex for you. If you’re looking for a way to make oral sex sweeter, we recommend an edible gel or lube to satisfy your taste buds. Or if you’re looking for a fun way to spice (or sweeten) up your sex life why not incorporate some edible paint or massage oils? There’s so much fun to be had with our edible sex items. Shop the best edibles for sex now or get in touch with one of our experts for advice.