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Sexual Books


Want to experience more sexual adventures outside of your own world? Our collection of high-quality sex books is just the thing!

Want to get things steamier in the bedroom? Pick up a guide to stimulating your partner or a bedside book of sexual hacks. Need a steamy narrative to spice up your pre-bedtime reading? Pick up an erotic novel to encourage your dream fantasies! Simply want some goofy fun? Grab novelty sex books and coloring books!

The world of print is as expansive as the world of sex, and when you combine them, you dive into a world of infinite possibilities.

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Books About Sex

It might seem hard to imagine that sex, with its intense physicality and erotic raptures can pair with literature. But the truth is that the world of books can open up radically new possibilities for sex! Our collection of sexual books includes a wide array of options for you and your partner to learn new techniques, turn each other on, and keep things steamy at any time of day.

Our wide array of sex books, which are written by experts in the field, can help you think about your sexual skills in a new way. You might dive into the world of fetish with a new read. On the other hand, they can also serve as guides for you and your partner to bond over a shared love of narrative. They could even inspire new ideas for kinky sex or masturbation.

Sex Guide Books

One of the most popular types of sex books, guide books can help you step back from the raw physicality of sex and reflect on how to please your partner and yourself. These guides are written by thoughtful, well-trained experts in sex, who can help you dive into a new fetish or explore different techniques.

These guides can take many different forms. Some people advise building emotional connections with your partner, while others can help you brainstorm new sex positions. Others can help introduce you to the mechanics of certain techniques, from anal sex to bondage.

Ultimately, these books are excellent introductions to different realms of sexual activity. If you feel uncertain about needing a guide for sex, don't worry; everyone learns differently, and sometimes the written word can be a great way to advance your sexual skills.

Erotic Novels

Don’t need advice on sex but are still interested in sex books? You'll enjoy our selection of erotic novels, which feature compelling characters and steamy sex. These books are an excellent option if you want to share a sexy experience with your partner or if you simply want some solo fun.

Our broad catalog includes novels with all types of characters, from jaunts in BDSM to straight-up, no-holds-barred erotic couplings.

Novelty Books

We offer sex books for any place and situation. If you feel a little sheepish about diving into serious sex literature or simply want to have a giggle with your partner, novelty sex books are a fabulous choice for riots of raunchy laughs.

If you want a giggle, there are picture books full of witty and quirky jokes. Maybe you want a participatory sex adventure, in which case, sexy coloring books may be for you. Do you just want to see all kinds of human bodies on display? Pick up a picture book full of masculine and feminine anatomy.

If you're interested in intersections between erotica and other sex communities, you can also pick up an adult coloring book and sex guide that introduces you to drug subcommunities and more.

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