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Blow Up Sexdolls


Explore our varied selection of the best blow up sex dolls, ideal for super-charged deep action. All our pornstar-themed and lovely 'girl next-door' designs are light-weighted, customizable and easy to use.

Realistic, versatile and always ready for action, blow-up dolls will make your wildest dreams come true! Browse our online catalog to find your perfect fuck friend and ensure a positive, realistic experience.

Enjoy the authentic sensations of a curvy body, perky breasts and tight, stretchy orifices. Touch and feel the life-like textures of an ideal sexual partner.

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What is a Blow Up Sexdoll?

A blow up sex doll is a life-sized sex toy that, when inflated with air, takes the shape of a human body. It has realistic features and natural orifices. Realistic inflatable sex dolls are light in weight, although they feel natural to touch due to quality their materials.

A sex doll (also love doll, fuck doll or blowup doll) is a type of anthropomorphic sex toy in the size and shape of a sexual partner. The sex doll may consist of an entire body, or just a head, pelvis, or other body part (vagina, anus, mouth, penis, breasts) intended for sexual stimulation. (Wikipedia)

Unlike silicone dolls, blow up models need to be inflated with an air pump before use .This also makes them easy to store and clean. Electric and manual pumps such as regular hand or foot pumps are the most popular options, according to customer reviews.

Inflatable dolls can be made of vinyl, which is the most affordable and therefore the most common material. However, many modern blow up dolls are made of cured polyurethane and silicone mixture. These skin-safe fabrics increase sturdiness, enabling your sex toy to handle prolonged use while providing extra stimulation and maximum pleasure.

Body type and hair color may vary from model to model. Most female sex dolls feature dark hair, ample breasts with erect nipples and three separate holes. Paired with multi-speed bullet vibrators, clitoral sucking devices or pocket pussies, realistic sex dolls offer all-new sensations and an amazing blow job experience.

Inflatable Love Dolls: Pure Pleasure from Wonderland

With lifelike qualities, inflatable love dolls are the perfect intimate companions, providing decent stimulation for a memorable sensual experience. Besides their amazing features, do you want to know what else makes them so much fun? Here's our list of the top 5 reasons:

  • Realistic - Their human features and size already make love dolls realistic, but other qualities fortify those features. Softness to touch and masterfully crafted anal holes, accentuated pussy lips or pulsing cocks make interaction feel truly authentic.
  • Versatile - Since they're made of stretchy, light fabrics and contain air, you can bend your inflatable sex partner at will. Your sexdoll can be placed in various body positions, allowing you to experiment with oral, vaginal and anal sex.
  • Healthy - Non-toxic materials are paramount to a quality blow-up sexdoll. Sexdolls are suitable for everyday use and can boost your sex life better than most toys. Get an inflatable MILF with a realistic vagina and enjoy ultimate sexual pleasure!
  • Easy to Use - Once your blow up sex toy is inflated, you are set to have fun! For additional buzz and excitement, try a model with 3 orifices and an installed device for vagina and butt vibration. After use, deflate your toy and store it in a compact spot.
  • Always Ready for Action - The most popular benefit of inflatable sex dolls is their readiness. No matter the time or day, they're always ready to go. If you wish to use them multiple times, non-stop, they can your eager sexual partner. Pair them with water based or anal lubes and enjoy!

Life-like Materials, Natural-Sized Orifices and Other Features

Safe and realistic to touch, our hot sexdolls are made of materials that make them feel convincing and pleasurable. Due to their lifelike size, their vaginal and anal openings are also made to replicate realistic features.

If modeled after a petite girl, both her vagina and anus are going to be tight, so you can feel them grip around your penis. The insides of the orifices have textures that make intercourse seem as realistic as possible. Male sex dolls powered by a vibrator feature vivid, pulsing cocks.

Some models of blow up sexdolls are made to replicate the look of a real pornstar. They may have big cocks, bouncy breasts and an ass of similar shape and size. Since many models come with a multispeed vibrator, you'll be stimulated to new heights!

How to Use Inflatable Sex Dolls

Using a blow up sex doll could not be any easier. All you have to do is inflate your toy with a foot pump or an electric pump and get ready for sex. People who enjoy playing with a female sex doll can incorporate steamy play by dressing up their party doll in sexy lingerie or fetish wear, then slowly removing all that fetish clothing.

Make sure to keep a compatible lube (a water-based lube would be the best option) nearby, rub it on your body, and you’re set to go. For advanced models with a vibrating vagina and anus, you can try vibration patterns of various intensities to find your favorite. Inflatable sex toys give everyone a comfort of choice to enjoy maximum pleasure.

Special Features vs. Price: Tips for Choosing The Right Option

When it comes time to make a purchase, you're going to be faced with countless options. Personal preference is what matters the most. If you like simplicity, traditional sex dolls will get the job done.

Compared to silicone sex dolls, realistic inflatable models are definitely a cheaper option. Regardless, they still provide the authentic sensations of a real companion. Of course, you can always choose a slightly pricier option with extra features. Such as blonde hair, realistic vagina, vibrating cock or butt with a nice-and-tight anal opening.

Inflatable sex dolls are the best fun money can buy, since even premium price models are affordable. The vibrating toy by itself is worth the money, making the 2-in-1 package seems like an ideal choice for newbies and advanced users.

Blow-Up Sex Dolls FAQs

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