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Warming Lubes


Increase your arousal, heighten sensitivity and intensify orgasms with our huge range of warming lube for sex and foreplay. Boost your libido and your sexual pleasure by applying warming sex lube during sex, foreplay or solo play. Shop the best warming lube now for free delivery over $50 and discreet packaging always.

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Best Warming Lubes

A warming sex lube does more than just create a slippery experience during sex, it enhances your arousal by increasing the blood floor to your most sensitive areas. The warming sensation adds extra tingling sensations to the most subtle of plays and it can even create even more powerful orgasms. Our best warming lubes contain active ingredients that can make the clitoris, g-spot and penis feel extra sensitive to stimulation which builds bigger orgasmic sensations.

Warming lubricants are an incredible accessory to your sex toy collection; it creates heat sensations on your most intimate areas which increase arousal and will definitely steam up the bedroom! You don’t have to be into temperature play to find satisfaction from our warming lubricants. Simply apply your best warming lube to your sensitive areas and wait for the jaw dropping sensations to kick in. Once you begin to play, you’ll find that ever touch, caress, lick and kiss feels sensational.

Warming Sex Lube For Solo Play

Elevate your solo play with our range of the best warming sex lube. The warming sensations feel sensational when used with your favorite vibrator as the increased blood flow makes every vibration, pulse and throb even more thrilling. The warming sex lube is also great for heightening the sensations felt by your g-spot when using a dildo or g-spot vibrator. Apply a generous amount to your toy before inserting for an incredible solo session.

Add warming lubricant to your favorite male masturbator or sex doll to get the feeling of a warm mouth, vagina or anus and give you a more realistic sensation. The warm tingles of the lube will give you an incredibly orgasmic feeling with heightened sensitivity and arousal. Warming lube is also a great addition to foreplay. Apply to yours or your partners erogenous zones for heightened sensations and use sex toys or sensation toys to stimulate those areas.

Warming Lube FAQs

What Does Warming Lube Feel Like?

Warming lubricant includes actives that work to give a gentle warming sensation wherever you choose to apply it. You may feel a gentle tingling and warming sensation after you’ve applied your lube, this is due to the blood flowing to that area. It should make every touch feel even more incredible. However, if you start to feel like you’re having an allergic reaction (e.g. an uncomfortable itching or burning feeling) then we recommend washing it off immediately.

How Do You Use Warming Lube?

Warming sex lube can be used for sex, foreplay or during masturbation to intensify sensations and increase arousal by boosting blood flow to where it’s been applied. We recommend testing out the warming lube on sensitive areas of your body before using on your genitals like your earlobes or nipples. If you’re happy with the sensations, try applying to your erogenous zones and experimenting with stimulating these areas with toys, and then move to your genitals The warming sensation should increase your arousal and make every touch feel even more sensitive.