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Stimulating Lube


Enhance your pleasure during sex, foreplay or masturbation with our range of stimulating sex lube. These increased sensation lubes will take your sexual experience from 0-100 real quick by increasing sensitivity where you need it the most. Shop our range of the best stimulating lube now for free delivery over $50 and discreet packaging always.

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Best Stimulating Lube

Our collection of stimulating lubes is perfect for all genders. Heighten your arousal and make every touch even more jaw dropping by applying some pleasure enhancing lube to your clitoris, penis or testicles. Just when you thought sex couldn’t get any better! Choose from a range of creams, gels, lotions and more to increase arousal and improve libido.

Enhance the sensations you already love to by applying our sensual stimulating lubes. By specifically targeting the nerves found in your clitoris or penis, you can experience hyper-sensitivity and make the slightest touch feel orgasmic. If you’re playing solo, pair with a vibrator or stroking sleeve for an incredibly powerful sexual experience. Shop our range of the best stimulating lube now.

Male Stimulating Lube

If you’re wanting to add a little something extra to your play time, then our male stimulating lube may just be the answer. Our incredibly stimulating sex lube for men has special ingredients to help boost sexual pleasure and arousal during sex, foreplay or masturbation. Enjoy extraordinary sensations when using our male stimulating lubes.

Lube is a staple in every man’s bedside drawer. Not only does it make for easier penetration during sex or with your sex toy, but it also enhances every feeling. Now imagine a lubricant that goes beyond this and creates stimulation before you even get started. Our male stimulating lube makes sex and masturbation even more enjoyable by tingling, warming and sensitizing those areas of your body you want to explore further. Shop our range of male stimulating lubes now for your next sexual encounter.

Female Stimulating Lube

Female stimulating lube is a no-brainer when it comes to enhancing your sexual pleasure. It provides greater orgasm intensities and is perfect for those who struggle to reach orgasm. With female stimulating lubes, every touch, caress and tease will drive you wild and you’ll be edging towards an almighty O in no time.

Our increased sensation lubes for women are perfect for applying to your clitoris, nipples or around your labia to increase pleasure and allow you to explore your sexuality. Pair with a vibrating dildo or nipple toys and experience a whole new world of sensations. Shop the full range of female stimulating lubes now.

Pleasure Enhancing Lube

Each of our pleasure enhancing lubes are made with active ingredients that warm, tingle and stimulate your clitoris, g-spot or penis to sensually increase your arousal and build up your orgasm quicker.

Our pleasure enhancing lube is extremely versatile and can be used on genitals or other areas of your body. So don’t be shy and explore the different sensations that our stimulating sex lube can cause on yours and your partner’s body. Shop our increased sensation lubes now and pair with some lingerie for a seductive evening.

Stimulating Lube FAQs

How Do You Use Stimulating Lube?

To use our increased sensation lube, simply apply a small amount to any part of the body that you want to enhance the sensations of, such as the clitoris, nipples or other desired area. Gently massage in the lube and wait for it to start working. Once you feel a warming or tingling sensation, continue with your sexual acts and experience enhanced sensitivity and pleasure.

Is Stimulating Sex Lube Safe To Use With Condoms?

All our stimulating sex lubes are very safe to use with condoms, however we always recommend checking the packaging beforehand. Stimulating lubes are a perfect addition to anyone’s bedside drawer as they are very versatile and safe.