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Lube Creams


Lubes are essential for keeping you gliding during your riding, and there are many different kinds out there to suit everyone. Lube creams are just one of the different kinds of lube we have available to prevent friction and provides an extra smooth texture during penetration or foreplay. Shop the full range of cream based lubes now.

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Best Lube Creams

Romantix stocks an impressive range of lube cream to help provide you with comfort and ease during sex or solo play. Lubes are important for reducing friction during sex and keeping everything comfortable. And as you know, the wetter the better! Cream based lubes aren’t oily or sticky and because its main ingredient isn’t water, it won’t soak into the skin quickly making this a long lasting solution for those heavy sessions.

Our collection of the best lube creams feel incredible on the skin, particularly your genitals and erogenous zones! It’s thicker and creamier than water based lubes and has the perfect consistency for sex toys and intercourse. Our range of cream based lube is compatible with all condoms making this the perfect addition to your sex collection. Shop the best lube creams online in the USA now and enjoy the smoothest sensations during your sexual experience.

Men’s Cream Lube

Our range of men’s cream lube is perfect to add to anyone’s sex drawer. The smooth and silky texture of the lube cream makes this an incredible accessory for masturbation. No longer do you have to reach for the nearest lotion, our specially designed men’s cream lube is perfectly formulated to last the length of your solo session without drying out. The heightened sensations you’ll feel when using our lube cream is incredible and you’ll never look back at your usual lube again. Pair with a male masturbation toy for an even more elevated experience.

Men’s cream lube is handy to have on you at all times, you’ll never know when the urge will strike for some fun with your partner out of the house! Our best lube creams can be kept in a small tube in your overnight bag, in your pocket or in multiple places round the house so that you’re never without this sensual and erotic product when the time is right. Shop the best lube creams for men now for your sexual antics.

Lube Creams FAQs

Is Lube Cream Safe To Use With All Sex Toys?

Cream lube is definitely safe to use with all sex toys. It’s a great addition to your sex toy collection and can make every sensation feel even more incredible. The silky texture means your toys can glide wherever you want them and it’s a great alternative to water-based lube.

Can You Use Lube Cream For Anal Sex?

Lube cream is perfect for anal sex! As the anus isn’t naturally self-lubricating like the vagina, you need a good quality, long-lasting lube to ensure your anal experience is incredible the whole way through. Cream lube gives a smooth slide in making it comfortable rather than painful. It’s also longer lasting than water-based anal lubes as it doesn’t evaporate or sink into the skin. The feel of the cream lube in and around your anus will leave you relaxed and happy ensuring more enjoyable anal sex. With any anal play, we always recommend warming up the anus first with butt plugs or fingers to prevent discomfort.