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Flavored Lube


Reveal the joy of a sex game flavored with your favorite aroma. From watermelon and strawberry pomegranate to cherry vanilla, salted caramel and crème brûlée. We carry all the most popular and natural flavored edible lubricants.

Delicious and long-lasting, our mouthwatering flavored lubricants are well-known for their natural taste and unique qualities. Shop online to find your ideal intimate lubricant that feels and tastes as good as you expect.

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Different Types of Lubes

Flavored lubricants come in a wide variety of formulas and flavors, most are either oil or water based. They have the same purpose as other personal lubricants with the difference that they are digestible.

Flavored lubricants contain flavorings, such as fruit flavors, to enhance oral contact. 'Edible' lubricants may be flavored and/or may not contain any ingredients that are not advisable to eat. - Wikipedia

Also known as edible lubricants or lubes for oral sex, flavored options are popular for their natural taste as they are intended to make oral sex more fun, flirty and exciting. Formulas that don't contain glycerin, sugar substitutes or sugar can be used as vaginal or anal lubricants.

Organic ingredients and lightweight textures are the industry trends. Flavored with natural extracts, edible options smell and taste like actual fruit and are mostly suitable for people with sensitive skin.

Some brands such as Aloe Cadabra offer flavored products not only made from organic Aloe Vera but also with all natural latex removed. This makes the product suitable for people with allergy to latex.

Flavored, oil-based lubes are usually made with a blend of essential oils and extracts. When applied to the body, they may create pulsating or warming sensations, intended to heighten arousal.

Variety of Textures and Natural Flavors for Your Intimate Body Parts

Lubes are a great way to enhance your sex game. They decrease friction and add slippery, which feels good on the body. Tasty water and oil-based lubes are loved by many for their qualities to heighten arousal and add fun to any sexual activity. With a sheer variety of flavored options, the possibilities are endless.

Explore the most fun and exciting features of edible lubricants:

  • Enhanced Sensations - Flavored edible oil and water-based lubes can provide different sensations, creating cooling, warming or stimulating effects. They may have a strong flavor aspect such as taste of lemon, subtle taste or sweet flavors. With a sheer variety of flavored options, the possibilities are endless.
  • Extra Fun and Tasty - Although edible and oral lubes are primarily used to enhance natural lubrication, they offer much more. Long-lasting silicone-based formulas with delicious flavors can be used even in the shower. While a blowjob lube will tickle taste buds, making your sex dreams come true.
  • Versatile - Flavored lubrication comes in different formulas, such as water, silicone, or oil-based. Hybrid lubricants are usually made from both water and silicone. Some lubes are perfect for sensitive skin, while others are designed for anal pleasures. Water-based lubes are compatible with latex condoms and can be used for penetration.
  • Body-Safe - High-quality edible lubes are all designed to be body safe. This means they are safe to swallow in small quantities. Remember to check the manufacturer's instructions. Even natural products may contain certain ingredients intended for oral use only. Applying them inside a vagina can lead to a yeast infection.
  • Ideal for Foreplay - Flavored, long-lasting lubes can spice up a boring sex life and enhance couples' play as no other sex toy. They can help you increase intimacy and make foreplay creative and exciting. Most oil and water-based formulas can be used for erotic massage that relieve stress and provide extra delight.

How to Use Flavored Lubes

Using a flavored lube is as easy as any other personal lubricant. Apply a bit of your favorite lube on the body and gently massage it into the skin. Experiment with your favorite flavors and textures.

Thicker textures usually last longer than lightweight texture options. People with allergies may want to try naturally flavored, water-based lubes made from natural ingredients, ideal for hypersensitive skin.

Handjobs may be more enjoyable with flavored, warming lubes. Aloe-based lubricants and sugar-free vegan formula options that have thicker textures, are body healthy and will keep your skin hydrated and radiant.

Oral sex can be a lot more fun with warming, water-based flavored lubes. Even if you enjoy your partner's genital flavor, your own saliva is often not enough for a proper oral lubrication. If this is your case, try an oral lube with a subtle taste and make only a breezy application.

Mint Chocolate, Cotton Candy, Cherry Vanilla and Piña Colada: A Short Review

If you're a fan of dessert-like lubricants, we have many options to offer.

Check our selection of the most popular water-based, non-staining and lightly scented options from Sliquid Swirl natural tasting collection. Their sugar-free products will help enhance your body's own natural lubrication. They come in many fun and exotic flavors. Such as Piña Colada, Green Apple Tart, Pink Lemonade, Blue Raspberry, Cherry Vanilla and Blackberry Fig flavors.

If chocolate is you favorite flavor, check our varied selection of the JO Gelato oral delights. From Double Chocolate and Tiramisu to Hazelnut Expresso, Salted Caramel and Crème Brûlée. PH and toy friendly, these sweet flavors are long lasting, never sticky or tacky and easy to clean. Other popular products of the System JO brand include Candy Shop and JO H2O flavored lubricants.

Would you like to try a perfect mix of fresh mint and dark chocolate? The absolute cream, according to customer's reviews, is Intimate Earth's Natural Flavors Glide. A cool breath of mint tingled with chocolate will provide you with an extraordinarily aromatic stimulation.

Flavored and Edible Lubricants FAQs

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