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Desensitising Lube and Numbing Lubes


Desensitizing lubes are a form of lubricant that reduces sensations during intercourse and create a numbing sensation. These types of lube are often used by men to help boost their endurance and stamina, so they can last longer without premature climax. Some hybrid lubes are also to numb or relax the anal area, to help make anal penetration more comfortable and lessen anal pain.

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Best Desensitizing Lubricants For Men

Finishing too soon during sex is something most men experience at one point in their life, and many men have endurance in mind when thinking about sex with their partner. By using a numbing agent, men can control their time until climax by numbing intense sensations. Desensitizing lubes can also be used to take the pain out of anal explorations and alleviate discomfort over time.

Anal Desensitizing Lube

Whether you're new to anal sex toys like butt plugs, anal probes, and prostate massagers, or you're experienced in this kind of sexual experience and are a butt enthusiast, a desensitizing anal lube can help in relaxing anal sex sessions for comfortable penetration.

Desensitizing Lube FAQs