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Get the most out of foreplay, sex and masturbation by using a sex lube to create an even more enjoyable slippery situation. Choose from our range of anal lubes, flavored lubes, stimulating lubes and much more. Shop the best lube for sex at Romantix and get free delivery on all orders over $50 and discreet packaging always.

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Best Lube for Sex

Romantix is a leading supplier of the best lube for sex in the USA that can elevate any sexual adventure. The added lubrication banishes any risk of friction and allows for easier and more satisfying penetration. By using a sex lube with toys, during masturbation and during sex, you can enhance every touch, caress, lick and thrust to give an incredibly satisfying experience. A sex lubricant is the perfect way to start any sexual activity, if you’ve never used lube when things start heating up in the bedroom, now is your time to start! Not only does it makes sex feel even more sensational, it helps prevent any friction or soreness. Even though many people can produce their own lubricant, in most cases, it isn’t nearly enough. You can always benefit from adding some sex lubricant! Choose from our full range now.

We have a huge range of different sex lube products available to enhance your sex life. Choose an anal lube for engaging in the delights of anal play, we stock the best sex lube products for anal you can buy. Alternatively browse our flavored lubes to make going down on your partner even more delicious. Our water-based lubes are perfect for those using silicone sex toys, they won’t damage the silicone and feel incredible on your skin. Shop the full range of the best lube for sex now.

Best Lubricants for Women and Men

Men and women may look for different characteristics when selecting their sex lube products. Men may want to last longer, whereas women may want some help reaching orgasm. Our collection of the best lubricants for men and women are perfect for all.

Choose our stimulating lubes to make you tingle in all the right places for that extra help in tipping you over the edge. Perfect for those women who may need a little extra help during penetration. The incredible formulas when applied to your clitoris will thrill your senses – it really is one of the best lubricants for women during sex.

Our stimulating lubricants for men are great for helping to maintain an erection and increasing stamina during sex for those needing a little boost to your lovemaking. Alternatively, for those who want a little extra stimulation can choose from our range of tingling and warming lubes for an arousing sensation. Shop the best lubricants for men now.

Lube FAQs

What Is the Best Lube for Sensitive Skin?

For those that may experience sensitive skin, it’s important to take note of formulas and ingredients lists on products to see what is most kind to their skin. However, it can be a complicated mission to find a sex lubricant that agrees with your skin.

When it comes to lubricants for sensitive skin, we recommend trying a natural lube, water-based lube, silicone lube or a lube with hyaluronic acid as an ingredient, as these have proved to generally be best. Start with a small amount of lube to test the waters and add more if required and no irritation has occurred.

What Is the Best Lube for Masturbation?

When using a sex toy during your solo session, it’s important to find out the material used for the toys as this decides the sex lube you can use. As a general rule, we recommend always using water-based lube as this can be used alongside silicone toys – silicone lube with silicone toys can break down the material and ruin the toy.

You can also always opt for a stimulating lube or a warming lube to enhance your solo pleasure even further. These are perfect for those who want to experiment with different sensations during masturbation.

If you need any help choosing the best lube for sex or masturbation, get in touch now and one of our experts will be happy to help.