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Thin Condoms


Designed specifically to enhance the pleasure of the wearer, our range of ultra-thin condoms provide a more realistic skin-on-skin sensation whilst protecting yourself and your partner during sex. Shop the best thin condoms now for free delivery over $50 and discreet packaging always.

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Best Thin Condoms For Feeling

The thinner material used on our super thin condoms mean that you can experience greater intimacy, sensitivity and satisfaction between you and your partner. Our thin condoms allow you to safely explore your sexual desires feeling every single sensation through the extra thin material so that you don’t miss out. Although condoms have a bad reputation for reducing the feeling during sex, our best thin condoms will leave you forgetting it’s there. If you struggle to reach orgasm due to the reduced sensations with your usual condoms, try our best thin condoms for feeling like there’s nothing there now.

We only stock the best and most trusted brands of super thin condoms to enhance your sexual pleasure. They’re proven to give you intensified satisfaction from your normal condoms without compromising on safety. Condoms no longer have to be the enemy of pleasure, use them as an accessory! Whether you’re shopping for super thin condoms or textured condoms or one that has both, our range of the best thin condoms for feeling is what you need to practice safe sex. Shop the full collection of ultra-thin feel condoms now.

Best Ultra-Thin Condoms

Our super ultra-thin condoms are designed especially for incredible sexual experiences. They offer skin-on-skin sensations that allow you to feel more intimate with your partner without increasing any risks. Each one of our best ultra-thin condoms are made to the same exceptionally high standard as your regular condoms, but with one huge difference – the heightened feelings of pleasure. Our ultra-thin feel condoms don’t skip on pleasure just as they don’t skip on safety. They’re all put through rigorous testing to ensure they keep you safe from STI’s and unwanted pregnancies so that you can enjoy your sexual experiences without any doubts.

Our best ultra-thin condoms come in a range of different sizes, colors, flavors and sensitivities that’s perfect for everyone. You can even find super ultra-thin condoms with added ribs, ridges, bumps and dots to enhance pleasure for both yourself and your partner. Feel everything with our extra soft and super ultra-thin condoms. Choose from lubricated or non-lubricated, textured or non-textured, flavored or non-flavored to tailor your sexual experience to your desires. Shop the full range extra thin condoms now and pair with extra lube to heighten arousal.

Thin Condoms FAQs

Are Thin Condoms More Likely To Break?

All condoms, whether they’re standard condoms, thin condoms, ultra-thin condoms or textured condoms have to meet a certain quality standard before they’re allowed to be sold. All of our thin condoms go through rigorous testing to make sure they’re at the same high standard as your usual condoms so that you can feel confident while using them. Shop our range of high quality ultra-thin feel condoms for your safe satisfaction now.

Can I Use Condoms For All Types Of Sex?

Our range of extra thin condoms are perfect for all kinds of sex to keep you safe and satisfied, however we always recommend reading the information leaflet with each product to double check. Extra thin condoms are great for enhancing the sensations during vaginal, oral and anal sex and can be a great accessory to your pleasure. However, we always recommend changing your ultra-thin feel condom for different type of sex, for example, one condom for vaginal sex, one for anal sex and one for oral sex.