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Erotic Bedding


Get sexy and cozy with our range of erotic bedding to enhance your sexual experiences. Never worry about spills and stains again when browsing our waterproof bed sheets! Alternatively make things sleek and sexy with some smooth velvet or silk erotic bed sheets. Shop the full range of erotic bedding now for free delivery over $50 and discreet packaging always.

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Velvety Erotic Bed Sheets

Our gorgeously velvet erotic bedding is the perfect accessory to your bedtime adventures. The smooth velvet enhances your experience to make it even more intimate and sensual. The feel of the luxurious fabric heightens sexual pleasure by caressing every part of your body and makes the post-sex sleep even more cozy and enjoyable. Our velvet erotic bed sheets are safe to use with water based lubes and silicone based lubes as well as most massage lotions.

Having special erotic bedding for your sensual activities can create an incredibly intimate experience. To create more of an ambience, try lighting candles, reading an erotic novel and bringing out your sexiest lingerie. Our velvet erotic bed sheets are great for an erotic gift for your partner during Valentine’s Day, an anniversary or just because. You’ll never look back at normal bedding for your romantic encounters again. Pair our erotic bed sheets with lots of lube and sex toys for an incredible evening.

Waterproof Fetish Bedding

For those who love getting wet and wild during your erotic play time, choose a waterproof fetish bedding to catch any spills. Our waterproof fetish bed sheets are great for all kinds of liquid play, whether that’s sensual massage oils during your sexy foreplay, flavored lubes for some tasty date night dessert or candle wax for dripping during your kinky BDSM play. Whatever liquid fun you’re into, shop our fetish bed sheets to help with the cleanup. Use our waterproof fetish bed sheets as a throw to protect your furniture or floor whenever the mood strikes or use as your usual bedding if you know you’re going to be getting down and dirty often.

Vinyl bed sheets aren’t just great for protecting your sheets and furniture, they also make a great addition to your kinky play. You can really have fun on vinyl fetish bedding when you oil up and create your own sexy slip and slide. Use plenty of lube, oil and more to create an intimate and erotic moment. Not to mention they’re ideal for squirters! As well as being convenient and fun, vinyl fetish bedding is also great for giving an aesthetically pleasing fetish look for any hardcore play. Pair with whips, handcuffs and more for an incredible thrilling experience.

Erotic Bedding FAQs

How Do You Wash Waterproof Fetish Bedding?

As a rule, you should try and wash your waterproof fetish bed sheets by putting them in the washing machine on a higher temperature to destroy any bacteria that might be lingering around. However, it’s important to always check the label on your fetish bedding as some may be damaged when washed at high temperatures. You may be able to tumble dry your waterproof erotic bedding, however, make sure to read the instructions carefully as some may need to be air dried.

How Do You Wash Vinyl Erotic Bed Sheets?

If you’ve got a vinyl erotic bed sheet, we recommend first wiping down the sheet and removing any dirt, debris or liquids with warm soapy water and a cloth. For a deeper clean, try submerging your vinyl erotic bed sheets in lukewarm water with a small amount of detergent and handwash the entire sheet. Rinse all the soap away and leave to dry naturally away from direct sunlight and heat.