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BDSM Crops


Browse our large selection of erotic BDSM crop sex toys for all kinds of kinky fun. Whether you're into pony play or enjoy a good old spanking, our crop designs can bring a some kink into your bedroom and whip the beast into shape.

Thin and agile, our sexy spank toys are designed to provide delicious sensations on the edge of intense delight. Find that place where pain meets pleasure. Show them who's the boss and treat your lover to intense sexual pleasure!

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What is a BDSM crop?

A BDSM crop is a bondage sex toy used to enhance the sexual satisfaction of both partners through striking fleshy areas of the submissive partner during sensation play. The intensity of spanking can vary based on personal preferences.

The sensations produced by impact play depend on the area in which the impact is concentrated. Wide implements such as an open hand, paddle or flogger produce a dull 'thuddy' sensation. Narrow implements such as a cane, riding crop, belt or single tail produce a sharp 'stinging' sensation. (Wikipedia)

BDSM crops come in different shapes and sizes, allowing users to enjoy different kinds of impact play. The most popular BDSM spanking toys include riding crops, BDSM whips, leather floggers and paddle sex toys.

Using a whip or crop for BDSM punishment should not be painful unless both partners want it that way. Lovers can use sex crops to stimulate blood flow, enhance sensations or achieve more intense orgasms.

To ensure sexual satisfaction, many BDSM impact tools, including most paddle sex and crop designs, are made with skin-friendly silicone, faux or genuine leather and other materials.

Some sexy spanking toys (such as feather tickler, flogger whip, or slapper crop) may come included with bondage kits and starter BDSM sets.

Erotic Spanking & Power Exchange For Intense Delight

The right BDSM equipment can help couples create pleasurable erotic spanking scenes, providing better satisfaction and intense delight to both partners. Whatever your fetish fantasy, we carry different kinds of crops, capable of delivering delicious sensations:

  • Teasing: Tease your partner with a slapper crop to enhance sexual pleasure. Rub the shaft of your spanking paddle or whipping crop, against their skin. Add the erotic excitement into your sex life routine.
  • Spanking: Vanilla spanking is another excellent way to use a BDSM riding crop. You can use them to inflict slight pain on your partner, delivering sweet and subtle sensations.
  • Erotic Punishment: If both you and your partner feel confident about erotic punishment, using a piece of leather can be a fun way to spice things up in the bedroom.
  • Role Play: Using BDSM crops during sexual roleplay is another great way to enhance sexual satisfaction for those who practice safe and consensual impact play.
  • Kinky Sex: Adding a little kink to your sex game can be just what you need to spice up your personal life. Create your ideal power dynamic BDSM scene to enjoy slightly erotic or deeper sensations.

How to Use BDSM Crops for Impact Play

Before you take your BDSM crops to the bedroom, make sure your partner is open to the idea. This calls for better communication and setting boundaries to help facilitate a better experience for both parties. If you are the dominant partner, it's essential to only resort to spanking around the fleshier areas. This includes upper thighs and butt areas for a better experience. Take your time to determine the right distance between you and your lover before delivering a sexy spank. Acquire a good understanding of your BDSM equipment before using it on your partner. Establish a safe word to immediately stop the action if things get out of hand. Always pay attention to how your partner reacts during the act of spanking.

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