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Sex Handcuffs


Whether you're looking for super soft, beginner's handcuffs or want to add a new handcuff bracelet to your leather bondage collection, browse our bondage handcuffs category to find the perfect fit. Designed for maximum comfort, sex handcuffs can fit around either wrists or ankles. Adjustable, comfortable, and sexy, our kinky cuffs bring BDSM fantasies and bondage into sex play.

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What are Sex Handcuffs?

Sex or bondage cuffs are restraints designed for use in sexual bondage situations. Compared to conventional handcuffs, they are wide wrist and ankle restraints generally made of leather, often padded with soft leather or fur lining. (Wikipedia)

Sex handcuffs, rope bondage, and other bondage toys help lovers explore power dynamics through bondage and kinky sex. When it comes to the gentle pace of vanilla sex, like sex in the missionary position, beginner bondage adds excitement and kink.

Our light restraint options and comfort designs are great for BDSM beginners. From faux leather restraints to wrist and ankles cuff sets with fur lining from our BDSM fetish collection inspired by Fifty Shades of Grey. These and other adjustable buckle cuffs are comfortable for the cuffed partner and don't leave marks.

For those who want to take their adult games to the whole next level, there are spreader bars with metal cuffs, position pillows with ankles and wrist restraints, BDSM collars, bondage rope, and body clamps. These sex toys can accommodate most body types. They are perfect for all BDSM levels and can make consensual bondage play much more thrilling.

The Best Handcuffs for Sex: Add The Right Amount of Pleasure!

Looking for ways to spice up your sex life? A pair of handcuffs and soft ankle restraints designed with comfort in mind can do the trick. They are totally adjustable and easy to remove which adds to the safety and comfort profile.

  • Soft & Furry - Soft kinky cuffs and furry Bondage Restraints can be the perfect way to enjoy the submissive/dominant partner play! They are comfortable, fun, and easy to use.
  • Stretchy Silicone - Bondage equipment made of silicone is sturdy and flexible. This makes it one of the most comfortable handcuff styles. Bangle cuffs with suction cups that can be attached to a flat surface are great to use in the shower.
  • BDSM Handcuffs - Sex metal handcuffs and other authentic cuffs made from heavy leather with durable locks require absolute trust and effective communication between partners.
  • Bondage Kits - Bondage kits usually involve a variety of BDSM Toys. They usually include a pair of cuffs, bondage tape, and other bondage straps. So you can create your own unique bondage playground.
  • Sex Furniture - From position pillows with built-in ankle and wrist cuffs to sex swings. Your favorite bondage gear comes attached to the sex furniture to make your bedroom time even more fun and exciting.

How to Incorporate Sexy Handcuffs into Your Sex Game

Before engaging in any BDSM experience, talk to your partner. Learn more about their preferences, come up with a safe word, and set boundaries. Communication is key.

If you are a bondage newbie, start by choosing the right material. Opt for something soft and comfortable. Bondage accessories and furry handcuffs are fun and will keep you safe. You could also consider adjustable handcuffs made of silicone.

Stay away from cheap metal cuffs and chrome metal police-style handcuffs as they can hurt your ankles and wrists badly.

Once you are ready to engage in BDSM play, start slow. Adjust the cuffs so they sit tight enough not to slip off.

One of the simplest positions you could try is cuffing the submissive partner to the bedpost, making them lay on their back or stomach. Learn what your partner likes, tease them, enjoy foreplay, and have fun.

Sex Handcuffs FAQs