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Bondage and Sex Collars


Sex collars are a great way to spice up your sex life. They also mean a lot for the bondage community. Whatever your needs, we carry a large collection of collars and ardent accessories for any kink event and long-term relationships. Explore the best day collars, fetish necklaces, color options, and other accessories for women and men.

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What is a Sex Collar?

A sex collar is a common fashion accessory used for sexual pleasure or as a part of BDSM gear to reveal the ownership of the sub.

In a BDSM context, a collar is a device of any material worn by a person around the neck to indicate their submissive or slave status in a BDSM relationship. (Wikipedia)

BDSM collars come in a variety of styles and fabrics to satisfy every need. There are formal collars for collaring ceremonies, BDSM protection collars, delicate collars that look like everyday jewelry, slave chokers, and other extreme accessories.

In dom-sub relationships, the type of collar means a lot. For instance, a consideration collar stands for a commitment to the dominant partner. As the highest level of commitment, the collared partner may receive a training collar or a permanent collar.

People from the non-kink community use fetish posture collars and other BDSM accessories for sexual pleasure. These casual collars hold the head and neck of the collared person in the perfect position during sex. So the bondage partner will look straight ahead at all times.

Erotic Necklace and BDSM Collars for Couple Play and Open Relationships

If you get turned on by the dom/sub scene, our assortment of cute collars and body harnesses will enhance your sexual satisfaction:

  • BDSM & Role Play - A collar for BDSM with a leash is a great sex toy for pet play. Even if you're not in a 24/7 dom/sub relationship, turn your sub into a puppy and force them to do whatever they need to get aroused.
  • New Sensations - Collars for BDSM are a great way to explore new sensations. If you want to spice up your bedroom routine even more, try wrist cuffs, a ball gag, and other adult sex toys.
  • Extra Stimulation - Our amazing collars made from soft materials are durable and body-safe. They add to the excitement and offer extra stimulation to adventurous couples.
  • Visual Aspect - Adult training chokers and bedazzled collars look super hot. Pair them with your favorite jock straps, sexy lingerie, or classy sex jewelry, and enjoy your sex game like never before!
  • Sex Parties - When it comes to BDSM community events, submissive neck attire is used to ward off any unwanted attention. For other types of sex parties, you can play by your own rules.

How to Use Fetish Collars, Chokers and Neck Accessories with a Partner

Sex collars for bondage, body harness, and bondage neck attire can be used by anyone, even by people with zero experience level in the BDSM scene.

If you and your partner are new to the kinky scene, discuss your fantasies with each other. Set boundaries and come up with a safe word in case you find yourself getting uncomfortable.

Stay away from cheap options that are not designed to use during sex. Instead, stick to the affordable bondage gear options from the most trusted brands.

People who enjoy being disciplined by their dom often use other bondage accessories as well. Such as wrist and ankle cuffs, nipple clamps, or bed restraints.

To try a heightened BDSM sex punishment, pair the leather chokers or your favorite collar restraint set with sex toys (realistic dildos, discreet vibrators, cock rings, penis pumps, anal beads, butt plugs, etc.)

Sex Collar FAQs