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Thrust Bumpers


Thrust bumpers are a great way to add extra comfort for those who may experience discomfort during sex to make sex more enjoyable. Shop the full range of thrust bumpers now and get free delivery over $50 and discreet packaging always.

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Best Thrust Bumpers For Comfort

For those who need more cushion for the pushin’, these thrust bumpers are the perfect accessory. These accessories are great for men who are a little too well-endowed, or for women who have shallow cervixes. The thrust bumpers are a unique tool that can prevent penetration that is too deep and that causes pain or discomfort for the woman during intercourse making sex overall more enjoyable. You never have to worry about holding back again with our thrust bumpers. Reduce the risk of pain, discomfort and a bruised cervix by using one of these tools during your next sex session. Thrust buffers are also perfect to absorb some of the impact or hard thrusting during penetration!

Our thrust bumpers are also perfect for engaging in anal sex. For beginners and those who find discomfort being anally penetrated by their well-endowed partner, use a thrust bumper to reduce the depth of the thrusts. If using during anal play, we always recommend using a generous amount of anal lube and warming up with butt plugs prior to the anal penetration.

Thrust Buffer For Toys

As well as using for sex with your partner, thrust buffers are also great to add to your favorite dildos. You no longer have to manually control the depth of your thrusts. Simply add a thrust buffer to your favorite toys and continue to ride or thrust without worry of any discomfort.

Try out a thrust buffer on your favorite dildo, or for pegging and strap on play! Place at the base of the dildo to prevent going too deep for your partner. Each of our thrust buffers are incredibly soft and stretchy to allow for maximum comfort and to reduce the risk of pain, bruising or discomfort.

Thrust Bumpers FAQs

What Is A Thrust Buffer?

A thrust buffer is a sex accessory that is placed round your penis to reduce the depth of penetration. They are perfect for men with larger penises or for women with shallow cervixes. They’re also great for those engaging in anal play that don’t feel comfortable going too deep. Some of our thrust buffers come in sets that fit around just your shaft or that fit around your shaft and your balls. Some are even stackable to control the depth of your penetration even more.

How Do You Use Thrust Bumpers?

To use a thrust bumper, simply place the thrust bumper over the shaft – you can stack if necessary! Once comfortably in place, apply a generous amount of lube to penetrate your partner. The thrust buffer will allow you to have sex comfortably without causing any discomfort or pain. Once you’re finished with the thrust bumper, clean thoroughly with warm water and gentle soap or sex toy cleaner and leave to airdry on a clean towel. Then store away safely ready for next use.