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Male Stimulating Sprays & Stimulating Creams


Our range of stimulating creams and sex stimulant sprays for men are specially designed to boost yours and even your partners sexual pleasure in the bedroom. Shop the full range of stimulating cream for men and male stimulating spray now for free delivery over $50 and discreet packaging always.

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Stimulating Cream For Men

If you struggle with erectile dysfunction, you’re not alone. Around 30 million men are in the same boat as you. It may be a frustrating experience when you’re getting intimate with your partner, but Romantix is here to supply you with the tools to get hard and stay hard. We offer a huge range of stimulating cream for men that can help increase blood flow to the penis for longer erections. Paired with a penis pump or a cock ring, you’ll be on your way to maximum pleasure in no time at all.

If you don’t struggle with ED but are just looking to enhance your D or boost your libido, then our stimulating cream for men is your answer. Our creams are made up of a unique blend of ingredients which, when working together, provide quick and immediate sensations to dilate the blood vessels and invigorate your shaft ready for an intense lovemaking session. Not only will you feel powerful with your enhanced erection, but your partner won’t be complaining either! After the enhancement cream has soaked in, use plenty of lube ready for an incredibly erotic sex session. Why not use our stimulating cream with your favorite male masturbator toy for a sensational solo session?

Sex Stimulant Sprays

Our range of male stimulating sprays helps to give your penis maximum strength and performance by providing incredible tingling or cooling sensations. Our range of sprays are perfect for those who want to delay the onset of an orgasm, or who want extra stimulation for maximum pleasure. Whatever you need, Romantix has the best sex stimulant sprays for you.

Sex is great; but imagine if it could be even better. Amplify your sexual performance and sensations with our range of sex stimulant sprays for men. Each product is formulated to help you either delay your orgasms, get harder erections or increase sensitivity. Shop our full range of male stimulating sprays now for incredibly erotic sexual experiences.

Male Stimulating Sprays & Stimulating Creams FAQs

What’s The Best Way To Delay Orgasms?

Unfortunately, there isn’t one magic solution for premature ejaculation for everyone. And each person may have different techniques. However, by using some products you may be able to help delay your orgasms. First of all, try using a sex stimulant spray that works by extending your pleasure without losing any stimulation. This paired with a cock ring that stops blood flowing back down your penis should help in delaying your orgasm.

How Do Stimulating Creams Work?

Our range of stimulating creams for men work when being applied to the penis. The formulas quickly absorb into the skin for quick and immediate sensations. The special ingredients within each cream help to dilate blood vessels and capillaries in the penis to control blood flow for longer and harder erections. Because the blood vessels allow more blood to rush through to the penis, this also increases sensitivity for more intense orgasms.