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Vibrating Male Masturbators


Explore our collection of the best vibrating masturbators and penis head teasers that ensure satisfaction for all penis sizes. Bring new sensations into your life! Feel maximum pleasure pulsing through your member with our automatic male masturbating toys.

Start your quest for a great orgasm with our high-quality products. Their lifelike shapes and materials are the perfect companion for every occasion. Browse our online shop to find your ideal sex toy that fits your style and desires and enjoy discreet shipping.

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What is a Vibrating Masturbator?

The Vibrating Masturbators category presents a wide range of sex products designed to envelope a penis in smooth life-like materials for the utmost satisfaction and carnal pleasure. Dual power strokers, head teaser toys, masturbation sleeve and pocket pussies are toys designed to simulate the sensation of real sexual intercourse.

The vibration modes and multi-speed patterns create a stroking sensation akin to those of a vaginal sex, hand or blow job. Pocket-size automatic male masturbators are able to replicate the direct feeling of a deep throat session, vaginal and anal sex.

Remote control, powered strokers with an open end allow extra stimulation and require much less maintenance than many other toys. The inside, commonly known as the 'masturbation sleeve,' is made out of silicone or similar skin-like materials.

These masturbation toys can be made entirely of one single material, or have a handle made of a different material. Sometimes they come equipped with a removable, flexible sleeve. In order to create ramp vibrations, they may contain a powerful motor, battery-operated or USB rechargeable (rechargeable batteries are also an option).

Men's Health Time: Good Vibrations for Massage, Masturbation, Sex and Pleasure

Incorporating a quality vibrator or pocket stroker into your sex life has multiple benefits. The most obvious and important is pleasure! Achieving orgasms is necessary for a healthy lifestyle. Fortunately, these men's toys can help you achieve that and a whole lot more. Here are some of their most important features:

  • Realistic Experience: Vibration stroker and hands-free masturbation toys are built to immerse you into an enhanced masturbation experience and amazing couple play. Their soft ribbed insides offer maximum pleasure while vibrating motions provide the intense feeling of pleasure.
  • Hands-Free Pleasure: By hands-free fun, we mean you don't have to do a thing. Turn on one of your favorite adult games, hit the power button and enjoy hypnotic vibrations. Or switch vibration modes, lay back and close your eyes. Relax while the masturbator does all the work.
  • Variety of Designs: Some vibrating toys leave only the penis head exposed. These will provide you with the intense feeling of a real hand job. Others are shaped like a mouth for the best deep throat session. Certain models combine vaginal and anal male stroker toys and have two holes for dual stimulation.
  • Nubbed Interiors: Ribbed interiors can increase blood flow into your member for enhanced pleasure. Some models can be used on flaccid and erect genitals alike. Their interiors and realistic skin surfaces are designed to massage male hot spots, providing mouthwatering sensations.
  • Soft and Stretchy: Vibrating male masturbators can accommodate an average size penis as well as huge or smaller cocks. Their insides are usually made of medical-grade silicone or other unique materials capable of stretching alongside your erection. Enjoy massage sensations and orgasmic pleasure.

How to Use Male Masturbation Toys

Vibrating male masturbator toys are capable of replicating real-life sexual experiences in a safe and controlled environment. You can have a solo session or engage yourself in a couple play.

Once you're ready, make sure to apply lube onto your body and the toys. Adventurers have the option to let the toy do all the work with its powerful vibrations. They can also thrust inside the toy repeatedly to replicate the sex action. Toys with a tighter squeeze and more vibration patterns for even more internal stimulation.

Though great for solo play and intimate sessions, these male sex toys are great for couples, too. Designs with an open-end leave your penis head exposed for additional stimulation. Pair your sex toy with prostate stimulators, massagers, realistic vibrators or strap ons for dual stimulation or full-body massage.

Or incorporate other devices such as ball gags or cock rings to spice up your bedroom routine even more. Wireless remote control vibrating toys are great for couple's play when you and your lover are staying at different locations but want to enjoy a sex game together.

Power and Size: Vibrator and Massager for Extra Sensations

Their ultra-soft silicone interior gives users a fabulous feeling during masturbation games. No matter your size, the tenderness of the material combined with the power of a built-in outstanding motor, will trigger your member's arousal in no time.

The ramp vibrations have multiple levels, easily operated with a click of a button of the 'power heat' device. Most rechargeable vibrating toys offer an extended battery life, while others show you a battery level. Once vibration settings are set, the sex toy will keep you fully engaged in the action.

Vibrating Masturbators FAQs

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