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Beaded Strokers


Our range of beaded strokers include wonderfully textured inserts that provide incredible sensations during solo play or foreplay to enhance your pleasure. Shop the full range of the best beaded strokers now and take your pleasure to a whole new level. Get free delivery over $50 and discreet packaging always.

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Best Beaded Strokers For Foreplay

When using a beaded stroker during foreplay, it will send unbelievable sensations through your shaft with each stroke. The unique stimulation is sure to get your engine revving ready for an intense sexual experience to follow. Because our beaded strokers are versatile and discreet, they make a perfect addition to couples play. Use your best beaded stroker masturbation toy along your shaft whilst your partner watches or stimulates other areas of your body with sensation toys. Alternatively let your partner take control by restraining you with handcuffs and getting down to business with these sensational male sex toys. Leaving your pleasure in their hands builds up insane sexual anticipation and you won’t be able to hold back once you’re released.

Our easy-to-use beaded stokers are great to pull out in the heat of the moment with your lover. It doesn’t take much to work out, and when paired with a lot of lube can create incredible sensations that just can’t be replicated elsewhere. The beautifully crafted textured inserts include small, supple beads that are delicately soft and massage your member to get you ready for take-off. Shop the full range of our best beaded stroker masturbation toys for your next couples play to enhance your foreplay now.

Beaded Masturbation Sleeves

Just when you thought the 5 finger shuffle couldn’t get any better! Our range of beaded masturbation sleeves are the perfect addition to your sex toy collection. Our male beaded masturbation sleeves are super soft, stretchy and tight with rows of beads and other textured details to help you reach a powerful orgasm.

Our different styles are enough to satisfy every desire, whether a simple non-anatomical design is perfect for you or whether you’re looking for something more visually stimulating. Beaded masturbation sleeves are an amazing, specially designed male sex toy that will make your jaw drop and your eyes roll back. Pair with lots of water-based lube for the best solo session you’ve ever had.

Beaded Strokers FAQs

How Do You Use A Beaded Stroker?

Beaded strokers are extremely simple to use. Simply apply a generous amount of lube to your toy and your penis (we recommend water-based lube with any silicone based toy) and insert your penis into the toy. Manually move the stroker up and down your shaft experimenting with the motions, grips, speeds and positions to get the most pleasurable experience for you. If using with a partner, the same instructions apply. Once you’re finished using the toy, rinse with warm water and clean with a sex toy cleaner to ensure optimal hygiene. Leave to dry on a clean towel and store in a clean dry place ready for next use.

Why Use a Beaded Masturbation Sleeve?

When using a beaded masturbation sleeve, the beads roll along your shaft creating an orgasmic and unique sensation. Most beaded stroker masturbation toys also come with extra textures along the tight inserts which makes for an incredible pleasure cocktail. Your solo sessions will never be the same again once you purchase one of our beaded masturbation sleeves.