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Fake Vaginas


Reach ultimate pleasure with our wide range of fake vagina and ass masturbators. Made of natural-feeling materials, our fake pussy masturbators come in a variety of shapes.

These high-end devices offer the anatomical features of a natural vagina. Their distinct canal textures are perfectly combined with vibration bullets and powerful suction bases for hands-free fun.

They are created to simulate the sensation of sexual intercourse and feel even better than the real thing!

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What is a Fake Vagina?

An artificial vagina, stroker, masturbation aid, masturbator, or pocket pussy is designed to simulate the sensation of sexual intercourse on the erect penis and to induce orgasm and ejaculation. It will often have moving parts such as vibrators that increase stimulation rather than accurately simulate a woman's vagina. (Wikipedia)

A fake or artificial vagina is designed to give the maximum pleasure of a real female sex organ. Most compact versions usually feature one textured canal. Bigger, realistic models may have dual canals and pubic hair. Alternative products that resemble an entire body or sex torso with a silicone breast often fall into a category of sex dolls.

Synthetic vaginas are the perfect equipment to achieve the tight feeling of a realistic vagina. Most of these popular sex toy types are made with silicone and other patented materials.

Realistic Vaginas and Fake Pussies: Real Feel Textures and Sucking Sensations for Ultimate Pleasure

As we move further, so does the way we pleasure ourselves. These days, fake vagina toys today are given qualities that make them feel like the real thing with extra features. They are:

  • Realistic: While natural-feeling materials warm to your body temperature, bumps and texture imitate the best female sex.
  • High-Tech: Remote control panels bring hands-free fun and extra sensations. For app-controlled toys, download the app.
  • Multi-speed: Get ready for the most incredible, most intense, most advanced rotating and multi-speed male sex toys.
  • Vibrating: Vibration bullets and fun features are intended to deliver spine-tingling sensations for intense pleasure.
  • Waterproof: Waterproof realistic silicone toys are Ideal to be used anywhere. Enjoy lifelike sensations explosive climaxes.

Fleshlight vs. Fake Pussies: What is the Difference?

Fleshlights came into the picture in the late 90s. Their creator, Steve Shubin, came up with the idea to save his marriage. Since then, Fleshlights have become an icon.

When it comes to a comparison between an artificial vagina and Fleshlight-style sleeve, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Fleshlight-style sleeves adapt to a single design style with minimal variations in the ribbed texture, bumps, etc. Synthetic vaginas on the other hand have a varied design style.

Fleshlight-style and original sleeve are usually made from patented material, known as 'Super Skin'. Artificial vaginas are made of similar flexible, resilient materials. They are odor-resistant and non-porous.

A Simple How-to-Use Guide: Lubes & More

In order to reduce friction, feel free to pick up your favorite lube and use it thoroughly for an ultimate pleasurable experience. Applying lubricant will allow you to get the ideal life-like feeling of a natural vagina.

In order to get the full experience, the ribbed texture of artificial vaginas can be coupled with water-based lubes for extra sexual stimulation. Thanks to stretchy, flexible materials, a built-in artificial vagina can accommodate all penis sizes.

Apply the lube on the tip of your penis and on the initial parts of the realistic vagina. Avoid using silicone lube with realistic silicone and artificial vaginas. Depending on your skin type, it's recommended that you check the manufacturer's instructions for better results.

Vaginal Sleeves FAQs

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