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Masturbation Sleeves


Male masturbation sleeves are the ultimate male sex toy for those who are wanting to spice up their solo play. Our range of the best male pleasure sleeves come in a range of styles from realistic openings, blow job simulators and more. Shop the full range of the best masturbation sleeves now for free delivery over $50 and discreet packaging.

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Best Masturbation Sleeves

We know there’s nothing better than the real thing, or is there? Our range of men’s masturbation sleeves are an incredible way to explore your personal pleasure and switch up your masturbation routine. The incredibly sensual look and feel of our best masturbation sleeves mean that you can give yourself unforgettable orgasms every time. A male masturbation sleeve is a great addition to any man’s sex toy collection, it’s a staple that is guaranteed to give you intense sensations and powerful orgasms every time.

No longer do you have to worry about grabbing the first thing you can find to masturbate into, with our range of men’s masturbation sleeves, all the work is done for you. Pleasure yourself with lots of stimulating lube and don’t worry about the end result. Once finished, you can easily wash the insert and sterilize before your next use. Shop our range of the best masturbation sleeves for solo pleasure now.

Male Pleasure Sleeves

Our male pleasure sleeves don’t just have to be used when alone, get your partner involved and mix things up in the bedroom with our masturbation sleeves. If you’re a couple who loves hand job play, then spice things up by using a male pleasure sleeve and some warming lube instead for brand new, incredible sensations. No matter how you use your male pleasure sleeve, you’re sure to get unforgettable stimulations.

Depending on the stimulation you’re after, we offer a variety of different styles. Choose from an anal or vaginal sleeve for some realistic penetration or shop a blow job sleeve for some realistic oral action. Our male pleasure sleeves are small and discreet and are sure to get you off. With textured inserts full of nubs, bumps and ridges along with tight openings, they are a great addition to any bedroom antics whether alone or with a partner. Shop the full range now for sensational pleasure.

Masturbation Sleeves FAQs

What Is a Masturbation Sleeve?

A male masturbation sleeve is an incredible way to enhance your sexual pleasure whether you’re alone or with your partner. Adding a male pleasure sleeve can leave you feeling utterly satisfied and allow you to feel delightful sensations that you may not feel using just your hand. Male masturbation sleeves come in a range of different styles, sizes and colors to suit everyone, whether you’re after a more lifelike look, a clear tunnel to watch every thrust or want some tight anal penetration. Masturbation sleeves are perfect for those wanting to enhance their personal pleasure, and with frequent use, can help you improve sexual stamina.

How Do You Use a Masturbation Sleeve?

To use a men’s masturbation sleeve, we recommend applying a lot of water-based lube to your erect penis and slip it into the opening of the masturbation sleeve. Once you’ve penetrated, you can play around with grips, tempos rhythms. You can also mix things up with other toys such as vibrating cock rings and butt plugs to experience a whole next sensation.

Once finished, make sure to clean your toy with warm soapy water and sex toy cleaner, rinse and leave to air dry on a clean towel. Make sure to store your toy in a cool, dry place.