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Anal Sleeves


Browse our huge selection of the best anal sleeves on the market. These realistic ass and high-tech looking devices come in a wide range of styles, sets and variety packs.

Soft-touch textured inserts, powerful motors, easy-to-clean materials and amazing additional features for mind-blowing orgasms. All our models are absolute top-level designs. Find your perfect fit online and enjoy discreet shipping!

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What is an Anal Sleeve?

An anal sleeve is a sex toy designed to provide realistic sensations of anal sex during solo masturbation. It's also known as a fake butt sex toy, masturbator, anal or ass stroker.

Strokers are generally more discreet than other masturbators. The inside of a stroker features a textured canal that stimulates the penis while the outside is often ridged to ensure a good grip during use. Some automatic strokers are powered by electric motors to simulate the sensations of sexual movements. (Wikipedia)

Like vaginal and blowjob sleeves, ass strokers are traditionally a male sex toy. However, kinky couples love playing with this toy, adding extra sensations into bedroom play. Some realistic ass sleeves come with two holes for maximum sensations and double pleasure. Such as pleasure pussy and ass models.

The soft though strong interiors of the powered strokers are typically made from real feel, stretchy materials. They are easy to clean and can accommodate all sizes. A high-quality toy will fit a girthy penis as well as an average-sized or larger penis.

Realistic Designs, Amazing Textures and All Intensities for Fleshlight Butt Orgasms

Our anal masturbation sleeves are designed to replicate the human butt to the finest look and real feel details for incredible sensations. A variety of skin tones and types of insert offer a realistic sensation of wild anal. The textured tunnels heighten the pleasure to bring you closer to climax with every stroke.

Life Size and Realistic: Anal masturbators come in varying sizes and designs. A realistic anal sleeve may feature a torso or ass cheeks that you can spank or grab during action. Pair your anal sleeve with a good quality lube for a wet and wild sensation.

Exciting Textures: These toys come in a variety of nice skin-like textures. They can often warm up to body temperature and are perfect for sensation play. The common textures are smooth and ribbed, intended to deliver intense orgasms.

Pornstar Sleeves: As with pornstar dildos, we carry a large variety of stroking sleeves molded from pornstars' ass holes. These anal designs can make you have an amazing time while masturbating and watching your favorite pornstar's adult video.

Discreet and Easy to Use: Our anal and vaginal sleeves fit comfortably in your hand and can be easily stored away or disguised for discreet use. You can fit your anal masturbation sleeve in your bag to have an awesome time while on vacation.

How to Use Anal Masturbators for Solo Pleasure or with a Partner

Whether handheld or life-size, anal sleeves are arguably the easiest male sex toys to use. You'll know where your cock enters, and the rest is pretty much what you would do if you were penetrating a real butt. Still want to know how people use these sex toys?

Start with foreplay. Tease yourself, watch your favorite adult video and prepare the toy for penetration. To ensure your member glides in easily, apply a correct lube in the hole ahead of the action. You may also apply some on your cock to ensure you don't experience uncomfortable friction.

Slide your erection through the anal opening slowly and gently. The hole will stretch and wraps comfortably tight around your penis as it penetrates. You may explore multiple rhythms, positions and speeds.

Anal Sleeves FAQs

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