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If you’re looking for your next solo thrill, then Romantix has the best handheld massagers for masturbation. You can hold the most intense sexual pleasures right in the palm of your hand with our huge range of handheld massagers, shop now for free delivery over $50 and discreet packaging.

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Best Massagers For Masturbation

When you’re hand just isn’t doing it for you anymore, our handheld massager will surely do the trick! The incredibly textured inserts make for an intensely pleasurable experience that feels just like (or even better than) real sex. The silky smooth and sensual feel of the silicone makes these the best handheld massagers for masturbation.

Any man’s sex toy collection isn’t complete without one of our handheld massagers. By using a generous amount of lube, you can explore a whole world of new sensations during your solo play, so buy handheld masturbators now for the best solo session you’ve ever had. Not only are these the best handheld massagers for masturbation, with frequent use, but they can also help you become a better lover by increasing stamina. The sensations feel like real sex, so it can help you get used to that point of no return and teach yourself to slow it down.

Buy Handheld Masturbators at Romantix

Romantix stocks a huge range of handheld massagers online in the USA. Get ready to pleasure yourself in completely new and exciting ways. Choose from our range of strokers, sleeves and everything in between for an erotic night of self-loving. Our handheld masturbators come in different shapes, sizes and colors with a range of functions available for you to explore your sexuality and pleasure; and best of all, it fits easily in the palm of your hand.

These small yet powerful handheld masturbators are discreet enough to be hidden away in your drawer, easy enough to clean and small enough to take away with you on vacation or work trips. All in all, they are the best male massagers for masturbation. Buy handheld masturbators now for an incredibly sensational experience. And don’t stop there, why not add even more sensations to the mix with our range of anal toys? Adding a butt plug or prostate massager to the mix can be an extremely stimulating and lead you to bigger and more powerful orgasms.

Handheld Masturbators FAQs

What Is A Handheld Masturbator?

A handheld masturbator is a male sex toy that can fit in your hand, unlike our larger, more realistic masturbators. Adding a handheld masturbator to your solo sessions can amplify your masturbation experience and feel similar to real sex or blowjobs. Handheld masturbators include a textured insert that gently stimulates the penis giving you incredible sensations.

How Do You Use a Handheld Masturbator?

Our range of handheld masturbators are extremely easy to use as they all fit in the palm of your hand. Just as you would carry out your usual masturbation with your hand, simply apply a generous amount of lube and insert your penis into the masturbators opening. Then play around speed, grips and positions to find what feels best for you.