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Anal Kits


Whether you’re just starting out in the joys of anal play or you’re an experienced anal enthusiast, our anal kits are the perfect addition to your sex toy collection to help you explore your anal fantasies. Shop the full range of expert and beginner anal toy sets and get free delivery over $50 with discreet packaging.

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Anal Training Kits

Our collection anal training kits are the perfect introduction to those wanting to explore the delights of anal sex. Exploring back door stimulation is no longer a taboo subject and can be extremely pleasurable for all genders when done correctly. Our range of anal training kits come with different options to suit every person or couple whether you’re just starting out or whether you’re wanting to take your anal play to the next level. Choose your perfect anal training set at Romantix now and pair with lots of anal lube for incredible sensations.

Most of our anal starter kits include small, slimline butt plugs that can gently stretch your butt hole. Then one or more larger anal toys may be included to stretch even further allowing you to explore the sensations or prepare for anal sex. The smooth materials used easily glide in with the help of some lube for an incredible sensation. Our beginner anal toy sets include everything you need to get started in the wonderful world of anal play, shop now and start your journey.

Anal Sex Kits

The range of toys available is enough to suit every couple, whether you’re after some extra stimulation with our vibrating anal plugs or you’re after a full-up sensation with our larger anal plugs for the more experienced in anal sex, we have the anal training kit to suit you. Try out some glass or metal anal sex kits for those who are interested in temperature sensation play or anal kits with massagers for some sensual prostate play, whatever kind of experience you’re craving, we have an anal sex kit to match.

Fulfill your anal fantasies with our range of anal training kits at Romantix. Anal toys are more popular than ever before, and our anal kits are the perfect way to introduce more adventurous anal play to your relationship. Fully stocked with all you need for an incredible time; an anal sex kit will ease you into your anal desires. Shop the full range of anal kits now.

Anal Kit FAQs

What Is An Anal Kit For?

Anal sex and anal play can be scary for those just starting out. You may not know how to start or whether you should. That’s where anal training sets come in. Anal kits are for those who are interested in anal play or have experienced the delights and want to level up their game. Our anal sex kits come with a range of different anal toys to help you to explore your anal pleasure the way you like. They usually come with two or more different sizes so that you can gradually work your way up. Shop the range of anal training sets now.

How Do You Use An Anal Training Kit?

To start with an anal training kit, it’s important to make sure you’re clean back there. We recommend emptying your bowels beforehand or using an anal douche. Once you’re clean, engage in a bit of foreplay or masturbation and tease the area around your butt hole to get you aroused for easier insertion. Next, apply a generous amount of anal lube to the smallest anal toy and your butt hole and get into a position where you can easily insert. Slowly insert the butt hole until it’s sitting comfortably inside you and continue with other sexual acts. Once you’re comfortable, you can work your way up the sizes if you wish. Shop the full range of anal starter kits now.