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Explore the best enema sex products on the market. Choose from all sizes, enema recipients, lube injectors, and more. Get comfortable to enjoy your play.

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What is an Enema for Anal Sex?

An enema for anal sex is a reusable douche bulb with a conical nozzle on the end that is inserted into the rectum.

Sexual use for enemas is to empty the rectum as a prelude to other anal sexual activities such as anal sex, anilingus, and pegging, possibly reducing the risk of infection. (Wikipedia)

Enema bags and anal douche bulbs help clean the rectum and lower intestine before anal intercourse. Enema water removes all the debris, reducing the risk of unwanted poo exposure during anal play. Anal douching leaves the anus clean. While an enema product will do a much deeper clean, as far as the colon or lower intestine.

According to common practice, when using an enema, the bag is hung higher than the body to let the water pressure do the job (atmospheric pressure pulls the liquid down the tube and into the body). Alternatively, the tube can be attached to a shower system for a more powerful cleanse but you need to do it carefully to prevent a risk of injury.

For many people, a BDSM enema is more than just a constipation solution; it's a sex toy. The sexual practice that involves sexual enema fetish and rectal douching sexually can sexually excite leading to explosive orgasms. Both sexual partners can experience sexual arousal from enema sex games. Extreme enema play includes such categories as lesbian enema play, milk enemas, and enema punishment (anal piss/piss enema, air enema/belly inflation).

How to Use Enema Bags and Shower Attachments

Our enema kits make cleaning extra easy and thorough. Each set has an easy-to-insert nozzle with simple-to-use attachments that allow you to quickly and simply flush out your anus.

Apply anal lube to the nozzle and the entrance of the anus. Lay down on a towel with your topmost leg bent. Insert the pre-lubricated nozzle tip 3-4 inches into the anus. Slowly squeeze the enema bulb until it is empty.

Wait for the saline solution to take effect. Our bag-style enema kits provide details on time scales. When you feel the urge, go to the toilet to empty your bowels.

To prepare a saline enema use a cup of water and half a teaspoon of salt. This water mixture helps maintain a delicate balance of electrolytes while taking care of rectal mucosa.

Using an anal enema is not recommended after bowel surgery as enema water can disrupt the intestinal flora of the bowel.

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