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Sex Toys for Men


Explore our selection of powerful male sex toys designed to provide enhanced sensations and complete satisfaction. Enjoy realistic textures and lifelike shapes combined with impressive suction action, delicate pressure and several vibration modes.

Remote controlled, sucking or vibrating, most of these toys are waterproof and made to play hard. Others are soft and sensual, tailored to stimulate thousands of nerve endings in your most sensitive areas for explosive orgasms. Browse our 'sex toys for men' category, shop online and enjoy discreet shipping!

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What are Sex Toys for Men?

Sex toys for men is a large category of adult toys designed to offer sexual pleasure to people with penises. It includes all kind of male masturbation toys, from classic stroker and blowjob sleeves to Tenga egg toys and pornstar-themed pocket pussy series. As well as cock rings, anal vibrators, penis pumps and other penile enhancements for couples and solo play.

Penile sex toys come in a wide variety of shapes, styles, sizes, and textures. Some added features include warming, sucking and vibration settings. Many are USB rechargeable and can be managed with a remote control. Others such as penis enhancers - also known as cock extenders - can be of help for people suffering erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation.

This ample variety of sex toys is intended to deliver a unique penile and anal stimulation experience. Some of them are designed to offer intense, concentrated stimulation. This last feature is particularly effective for those who have trouble reaching a full-body orgasm. Most sex toys are waterproof and feature body-safe materials compatible with water-based lubes.

In addition, our pleasure product series devoted for penis-owners is not entirely focused on the penis. The prostate, also known as the 'male G-spot' is located inside the rectum, therefore many of these toys offer anal pleasures. Prostate stimulation will feel good, regardless of the user's sexual orientation.

Amp Up Your Sex Life with Long Time Pleasure

Sex toys can take your masturbation game to a whole new level. Here are some of the most popular toys to try out home alone or with the company of your sex partner:

  • Cock Rings and Extenders: Cock rings are worn around the base of the penis or testicles. Many of them are designed to provoke a bigger, harder and long-lasting erection. A cock extender usually comes equipped with a plastic ring that is placed around the base of the flaccid penis. This helps stretch the penis and increase the cock size.
  • Prostate Massagers: The stimulation of the prostate gland can lead to bedsheet-gripping pleasure. The main difference between toys designed for prostate and those designed for clitoral stimulation is the shape. Since shapes need to satisfy different anatomies, anal and clitoral vibrators offer different vibration patterns to suit the user's basic needs.
  • Sleeves and Masturbators: Adjustable cock sleeves can be used for extra pleasurable sensations but also in aiding some forms of sexual dysfunction. They can help in keeping the penis erect during penetration. Among these toys are the masturbation sleeves and the actual fleshlights. Their lifelike interiors are meant to provide ultra-pleasurable sensations.
  • Dildos and Strap-Ons: These, as most toys, come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. From alien-looking silicone dildo and double-ended dildo designs, to adjustable vibrators and strap-ons designed for pegging or double penetration. Modern dildos can fit in anybody's shape and are a good choice for both vagina and penis owners alike.
  • Butt Plugs and Anal Beads: For those who prefer anal play or backdoor stimulation, we carry a huge variety of anal sex toys. If that is you, our conical butt plugs and anal beads might just be the right choice. Both styles are specifically designed to be inserted into the rectum. Male vibrating anal toys can provide powerful vibration during couple's or solo play.

How to Use Male Sex Toys: Strokers, Cock Rings, Silicone Butt Plugs, Dildo Vibrators and Body-Safe Lubes

Male sex toys usually come with a user's manual. Generally, it is advised to use lubricant but always pay attention to the type of lubricant the manufacturer recommends. Only use lubricants designed for sex play.

Any sex toys designed to be inserted into the rectum need to be properly lubed before use. This helps to avoid discomfort and prevent potential injuries. This advice applies to anal dildos, butt plugs, anal beads, strokers, compatible fleshlights and stamina training units too.

Cock rings and ball stretchers can be put on without lube. Although it's still advised the use of at least a bit of lubricant to enhance your pleasurable sensations.

Male Sex Toys FAQs

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Our category of sex toys for women includes rabbit vibrators, pussy pumps, inflatable dildos, clit clamps and other masturbating sexual products.

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