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Waterproof Vibrator


To add an extra level to your bath or shower sex, try incorporating a waterproof vibrator for extra erotic sensations. Shop the full range of the best waterproof vibrators now for an incredibly wet and wild experience. Get free delivery over $50 and discreet packaging always.

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Best Waterproof Vibrators for Solo Play

Our range of waterproof and water-resistant vibrators ensure you can take your pleasure anywhere, even in the bath or shower. Be sure not to be disturbed whilst using your favorite vibrator by taking it into the bath and create an intensely erotic time. The incredible sensation of the warm water and silky-smooth feel of the bubble bath along with your best waterproof vibrator is sure to help you reach that powerful orgasm. Take a minute to enjoy the whole different sensations and how they make you feel.

If you’ve only got a few minutes of alone time to get a nice bubble bath, why not include one of our best waterproof vibrators or water-resistant vibrators to take your you-time to the next level? These discreet yet powerful vibrators will take you over the edge in no time and will leave you feeling utterly satisfied. Shop the full range for small waterproof vibrators now.

Shower Vibrators for Shower Sex

We all know shower sex is great, but what can make it amazing is incorporating a water-resistant shower vibrator. The sensations of hot water running over your body along with the vibrations over your clitoris and the feeling of being penetrated is a recipe for a delicious pleasure cocktail. Choose from our range of water-resistant shower vibrators including bullet vibes, wand vibrators, clitoral stimulators and much more. Shop our range of large and small waterproof vibrators for shower sex now and pair with lube for extra wetness.

A shower vibrator is a wonderful addition to everyone’s bathroom, not only are they great for leveling up your shower sex, but they are also a fabulous way to get a solo quickie in before heading out. Our shower vibrators come in small, discreet packages meaning they are easily stored away in your bag for vacations, work trips and romantic getaways without drawing attention. They are perfect to have on hand whenever a shower is involved for a sensual shower experience.

Waterproof Vibrators FAQs

Are All Vibrators Waterproof?

You must be careful when purchasing any sex toy that they are safe to use in water, as if water gets in the motor, it can cause serious damage. Always look out on the packaging for waterproof or water-resistant labels. Waterproof means that the toy can be fully submerged in water whereas water resistant means that water can run over it but shouldn’t be submerged.

Can A Waterproof Vibrator Go In The Bathtub?

A waterproof vibrator should be safe to be submerged when taking a bath, however we recommend taking note of the care instructions on the packaging for how the toy can be used.

What Lube Should You Use For Shower Sex With a Waterproof Vibrator?

As water-based lube is made up of mainly water, it is easily washed away during shower sex. We recommend using a silicone lube that is water-resistant and lasts longer during your shower sessions. However, make sure not to use silicone lube with silicone shower toys as this can break down the material.