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Remote Control Vibrators


Remote control vibrator sex toys are perfect for couples and those who want power over their partner pleasure, or for women who want to control the sensations of their sex toy easily. Shop the full range now and get free delivery on all orders over $50 and discreet packaging always.

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Best Remote-Control Vibrators

Our collection of the best remote-control vibrators for women come in a range of different styles and functions for your pleasure, choose from remote control clit vibrators, wearable remote-control vibrators, remote controlled g-spot vibrators, long-distance remote-control vibrators and much more. Our best remote-control vibrators are the perfect teasing toys for couples who like to exchange power and put their pleasure in their partners hands. Most of our wearable remote-control vibrators are discreet enough to be worn out of the house for couples who like to dabble in public play. Pop the wireless remote-control vibrator into your vagina and hand over the remote to your partner and get ready for an intense night of arousal and anticipation.

For the bedroom, try a wireless remote control vibrator sex toy for seamless pleasure. Easily adjust settings during sex or foreplay to match your arousal and help you reach climax. Shop our wireless remote control clit vibrators to help during penetration now.

Long-Distance Remote-Control Vibrator Sex Toys

Long distance couples no longer have to worry about getting intimate, hand your wireless remote-control vibrator remote to your partner, or download the toys app, and schedule in some steamy sessions over the phone or face time.

Your partner can easily control the vibrations, pulses and throbs with a touch of the button to help you to reach climax, it’s almost as good as being there in person. Never let distance interfere with your sex life again with our range of long-distance remote-control vibrator sex toys.

Remote Control Vibrators for Women

Our remote-control vibrators for women will leave you utterly satisfied. Choose from remote control clit vibrators for women, remote controlled g-spot vibrators for women and much more for some incredible stimulation that you can easily control. Shop our full range of the best remote-control vibrators for women now.

Our remote-control vibrators for women ensure your pleasure doesn’t come at much of a cost. Although affordable, our wireless vibrators are made from the highest quality material and are made to withstand the test of time. Shop our remote-control vibrators now.

Remote Control Vibrators FAQs

What Does a Remote-Control Vibrator Do?

Remote control vibrators pretty much do the same thing as your normal vibrators; they use small motors to create buzzing sensations to stimulate areas of your body in erotic ways. Remote control vibrators allow you to give someone else the power to control these vibrations and therefore putting your pleasure in their hands.

There are multiple types of remote-control vibrators that can stimulate the g-spot, clitoris or both. This allows for you to get intimate in different rooms, towns or countries and so are perfect for long distance relationships! Other than that, they can be used when out in public as some discreet public play or used by yourself for ease.

How Do You Use a Remote-Control Vibrator?

Remote control vibrators for women come in a huge variety that can be used in multiple ways. However, a common way to use a remote-control vibrator is for couples play. Insert or wear the vibrator as instructed with lube (if required) and hand over the remote to your partner. Experiment with speeds and patterns taking notes on how your partner reacts and find out what makes them scream.