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Multi-Function Vibrators


Multi-function vibrators ensure you get the very most out of your sex toy. With multiple uses, these vibrators are incredibly effective at getting you off and making your play time even more fun. Shop the full range of good multi use vibrators now and get free delivery over $50 with discreet packaging.

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Romantix is a leading supplier of the best multifunction speed vibrators in the USA. With a range of different settings, you can be sure your vibe will be able to keep up with your arousal. Change the speed and vibration settings seamlessly for an incredible experience. Whether you’re after some g-spot and clit stimulation, or you want to wear your vibe around the house, we have a multifunction speed vibrator that you will love.

Our multi use vibrators are perfect for masturbation. Not only can many of our multi use vibrators pulse, throb, vibrate and rotate, they can speed up or down depending on your needs in the moment. Our multifunction speed vibrators come in a range of different sizes, shapes and colors with multitude of speeds to allow you to explore your sexuality and what feels best for you. Use alone or with a partner and pair with some lingerie for a sexy evening. Shop the full range of multifunction speed vibrators for a night of pleasure now.

Good Multi Use Vibrators for Sex

Because our multi use vibrators have a range of incredibly sensational functions, you don’t have to stop at your solo pleasure, your partner can get in on the action, too! Try out a bullet vibe to tease and tantalize your erogenous zones to get you in the mood or use one of our intimate massagers to create an erotic evening with some massage oils. Whatever night you’re after, browse our range of good multi use vibrators for some sensual or kinky play time.

Use one of our good multi use vibrators on your man’s balls whilst performing oral or hand jobs for an incredibly stimulating sensation. It won’t take long until he’s on the edge of climax. The vibrations will wash over his body creating an incredibly pleasurable feeling that he’ll crave time and time again. Shop the full range of good multi use vibrators for your erotic couples play now.

Multi-Function Vibrators FAQs

What is a Multi-Function Vibrator?

A multi-function vibrator is a vibrator that either has multiple uses, e.g., g-spot stimulation and clitoral stimulation, has multiple speed settings or can be used for multiple purposes e.g., a wand vibe that can be used to stimulate the clitoris, the balls, the nipples etc.

Multi-function vibrators should be a staple in everyone’s treasure chest as the possibilities of what you can do with this toy are endless. Shop the full collection now and get in touch with one of our experts if you need any help choosing your perfect sex toy.

Are Multi-Function Vibrators Just for Women?

Absolutely not. Multi use vibrators are an incredible addition to anyone’s collection no matter your gender. For those with penises you can use the vibe to enhance the sensations of masturbation or oral sex. We also recommend pairing one of our multi-function vibrators with an anal sex toy for an even more incredible experience. Have fun and play around with the different functions, speeds and positions on the body to find what works for you.