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A good clit massager delivers the best feeling, above all. However, you must also consider factors like intensity, material, and design. The ability to control the pulses and vibration of the massager ensures you get the pleasure you need. The ideal material is safe for your body, and you might seek one you can use in the water.

The design can vary depending on your needs. If you're using the toy for solo play, you want it to feel good in your hand. If your partner wields the power, you might want it to have a remote control for long-distance fun. There are plenty of unique clit massagers for your needs.

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What to Look For in the Best Clit Massager

Before you commit to a clit massager, consider your needs and wants. There are several main factors that will impact your final choice, including:

  • Sensation

  • Material

  • Intended Use

Knowing what you want will empower you to buy the right toy. Read on to better understand how to choose the best clit massager for your pleasure.


The two major classes of sensation for a clit massager include vibration and suction. However, within each category, you can find mild movement and more rigorous feelings. Finding a clit massager with multiple speed and power options gives you the most control over your pleasure.

You can also find clit massagers that give other pleasure, too, like those that fit inside you and hit your g-spot while staying in place on your clit. There are also dildos with clit massagers attached, delivering penetration and clitorial stimulation in a single toy.


Clit massagers come in many different materials. You might find options that are silicone, ABS plastic, or metal. Knowing your ideal sensation and intended use can narrow down your options slightly, but overall, you want to pick the right material for your body.

For example, if you're allergic to nickel, you should avoid toys with metal parts. Most metal includes a minor nickel percentage, so you could cause an uncomfortable issue with that choice.

If you want to use your clit massager in the bath or shower, you want to find an option made with waterproof material. Note that, due to the nature of clit massagers, many toys claim they're waterproof since they get wet. But you'll want to find a toy that's fully submersible for fun in the tub.

Intended Use

Your intended use makes a major impact on the clit massager you choose. If you're going to play by yourself, you want something you can easily hold. You might even consider a toy that stays in place, so your hands are free for other fun.

People in long-distance relationships appreciate how technology makes sex toys more accessible. You can find remote-controlled clit massagers that give your partner complete control over your pleasure. High-tech toys use apps that let someone else set the intensity and frequency of the vibration or suction of the clit massager.

If you want a clit massager for some fun in public, you'll want to find an option with quiet sound. An intense toy can be loud when the vibrations are above a certain frequency, so others might know what you're doing. However, that can be part of the fun, so you might want to make a scene.

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