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Vibrating Wands


Explore our varied selection of vibrating wands and erotic massagers. Designed for broader stimulation, these unique magic wand vibrators offer many sexual benefits.

Compact, powerful, body safe and gender-neutral, these legendary sex toys are guaranteed to provide awesome orgasmic experiences. Browse and shop online for your ideal sex wand vibrator. Use it by yourself or with a partner for pleasure and stress relief.

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What are Magic Wand Massagers?

A wand vibrator is a massaging device which is often also used as a vibrator and a sex toy. It consists of a rounded vibrating ball attached to a handle. The vibration is provided by an electric motor in the handle that rotates an unbalanced flywheel mounted either within the vibrating ball connected to the motor via a flexible coupling, or, less effectively, within the handle itself attached directly to the motor shaft. The Hitachi Magic Wand, available since 1968, is the best-known wand vibrator brand, but many other similar devices exist, including the Doxy wand vibrator made in Britain. (Wikipedia)

Wand vibrators – also known as sex, sexual or magic wand massagers - are powerful vibrators. They are designed for internal stimulation – prostate or clitoral stimulation – or external stimulation of the erogenous zones. Such as nipples, ears, neck, pussy lips or testicles.

Though these personal massager sex toys come in a variety of different sizes and shapes, they typically resemble a gender-neutral, ergonomic design. They feature a flexible silicone head that sits above a wide, slightly curved handle.

The soft rounded silicone head is perfect for stimulating the perineum, clitoris and other erogenous zones. Especially during masturbation, foreplay or penetration for double-tipped pleasure. The grippable handle and portable size allows users to operate the device easily with one hand.

Powered by an independent motor or dual motors, wand vibrators are well-known and loved by millions worldwide for their calm and legendary power. Their variable speeds and multiple vibration intensity modes offer endless possibilities.

Enjoy the Magic with Your Magic Wand Vibrator

Wand vibes come in a variety of sizes, vibration intensities and speed pattern options. They are fun to use and can be the ideal device for a memorable masturbation journey. Though they come in all types, most are available at an affordable price. However, the sheer amount of extra-powerful (and adorable) options can be daunting.

Where to start? Whether you want a larger version or a portable version, Romantix has you covered. Our website makes it easy to find models with dual motors that are great for P-Spot pleasure and G-spot stimulation. If you want the utmost power and an intense orgasm, a larger version might be right for you.

If you're a newbie, you can also find an excellent choice for beginners. For example, get your hands on a classic wand of convenient size, with flexible neck and easy-to-grip handle for an amazing masturbation journey. Whether you're a penis or clit owner, play with the vibration settings for the best experience.

Wand Vibrators: Body Safe Design, Sizes, Vibration Strength, Power and Other Benefits

Powerful, quiet and safe - typically made from medical grade, body-safe silicone - these high-quality sex toys are absolute favorites of all users. From sex experts to industry educators to sex toy enthusiasts from all over the globe - everyone loves them! Want to know what people think about the benefits? Check our list of the top reasons below.

Body Safe and Whisper Quiet - Some designs feature a silky-smooth silicone coat and independent motor, making them whisper quiet and ideal for a delicate massage. They come in a wide range of sizes to fulfill any type of clitoral stimulation or P-spot masturbation.

Stimulating and Relieving - Made to stimulate and relive tension in pelvic muscles, a wand vibe is an expert favorite! It resonates deeply, relieving tensions and providing exciting sensations. Perfect for broader stimulation: use it during foreplay, for double penetration or as a body massager.

Vibrating and Pulsing - We offer compact designs that feature multiple vibration patterns for incredible and intense orgasm. It may come as a surprise, but a powerful motor and multiple vibration patterns won't necessarily make a legendary power device noisy.

Versatile and Waterproof - These hot-spots massagers can provide the most powerful, intensive stimulation. They can be used to stimulate nipples, clitoris, testicles and other erogenous zones. Many models are waterproof and offer the option for shower use during solo play or fun with a partner.

Easy to Use and Gender-Neutral - Get a version with a curved handle, large, squishy, mushroom-shaped head and bendable neck! Our toys offer various power options and vibration speeds and are USB rechargeable. Good for everyone, find a vibrator for vulva owners or penis owners and enjoy mind-blowing P-spot or clit stimulation!

Leading-Edge and Practical - Most versions are cordless with several vibration modes. Some versions are even app-friendly! Take control of your partner's pleasure and your own. Give them strong vibrations with your phone while watching your favorite adult videos. Corded versions do exist as they're designed to provide the most intense vibrations.

How to Use a Wand Massager for Ultimate Pleasure

Wand vibrators are versatile and suitable for all genders, especially those who enjoy the complete masturbation journey. Use it as a body massager to stimulate the nipples, testicles and for clitoral orgasms. Penis-owners will enjoy powerful sensations when holding the head against the balls or perineum's while penetrating your partner or masturbating

Tease, tantalize and create an erotic environment. A magic wand will be a great addition to your bedside drawer for couples play. Enjoy the rumbly vibrations to get you or your partner going. Browse our full range of massage wand vibrators with flexible silicone heads and explore many powerful vibrations.

Our wand vibrator silicone heads can be swapped and changed to give you a more targeted internal stimulation. Perhaps you want to try a bulbous head, a rabbit head or a domed head that fits snuggly around the penis. Choose a toy with an ergonomic handle for the best overall experience.

Clitoral Vibrator vs. Wand Massager: What's the Best Choice?

No doubt, every sex toy design has its own benefits. Clitoral vibrators are great toys with a pair of bunny ears designed to stimulate the clitoris. They can provide incredible pleasure. In addition, clit owners can reach their climax faster with the simple method of changing intensity levels or vibration strength during play.

A powerful wand vibrator offers explosive vibrations, multiple levels of intensity and continuous power. Try a compact wand for beginners with a flexible neck or an original design with different intensity levels. Or a larger version, powered by dual motors. You'll fall in love with all of these bestselling wand designs! They offer maximum speed, multiple intensity levels and strong vibrations, regardless of user's gender, sexual identity or sexual orientation.

Magic Wand Vibrators FAQs

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