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Thin Vibrators


Thin vibrators are exactly how they sound. They are slim sex toys that are great for easily stimulating your clitoris or vulva without the dreaded hand cramp. Shop our full range of skinny vibrators now and get free delivery over $50 and discreet packaging always.

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Skinny Vibrators for Beginners

Vibrators are often the first sex toy that women buy as they come in a range of shapes, sizes, functions and materials to suit everyone. They are the best first step into the world of personal pleasure and are versatile to be used on multiple erogenous zones and during solo and partner play. If you’re struggling to choose which vibe to start with, we recommend our skinny vibrators for ease of use. The slimline design allows you to hold the vibrator seamlessly between your fingers or in the palm of your hand as though it’s an extension of your hand itself. Trace the slim vibrator over yours or your partners bodies to get a feel for the sensations and awaken your senses.

When paired with a generous amount of lube, the vibrations feel even more sensational. The sleek and smooth thin vibrators are the perfect sex toys to start off your collection. They are easy to use, simple to figure out and feel incredible. Choose from our slimline bullet vibrators, slimline g-spot vibrators and more for the most incredible sensations that help you reach the most powerful orgasms. Shop the full range of thin vibrators now.

Slimline Vibrators With Powerful Settings

Although our range of slimline vibrators are small in girth, they pack a punch when it comes to your pleasure! The small and mighty toys come with different settings that you can easily control to match your arousal level.

Slim vibrators are extremely discreet. You can fit these wonderful toys securely in your purse or bag to take with you on vacations, romantic getaways or work trips for some end of day stress relief. They also hide away nicely in your bedroom drawers so they’re not easily stumbled upon when guests come to visit. Romantix is home to the best range of thin vibrators that can assist with your pleasure, shop our full collection now or get in touch with one of our experts for any questions you may have.

Slim Bullet Vibrators

An extremely popular sex product is the slim bullet vibrator. Not only is it incredibly powerful and discreet, it’s also versatile to use during partner play or solo play. Place at the base of your partners penis during oral to enhance the sensations felt or have your partner handcuff you to the bed as they trace the slim bullet vibrator over your body to tease and tantalize. The possibilities are endless with our slim bullet vibrators!

Thin Vibrators FAQs

Which Thin Vibrator Is Right For Me?

Depending on your desires and what you look for in a sex toy determines which vibrator would be best for you. Thin vibrators are generally perfect for anyone, but especially those just starting out in their sex toy journey. The slim look and feel is great for holding it easily in your hand without cramping or fiddling too much. And if you want some g-spot stimulation but aren’t quite ready for the g-spot dildos, then our slimline g-spot vibrators are a great starting point.

How Do You Clean A Vibrator?

As vibrators are motorized, most can’t be submerged in water unless stated otherwise. Warm water on a damp cloth with mild soap will usually do the trick, however we recommend checking out our sex toy cleaning section of the website for optimal hygiene. Once you’ve washed your toy, leave to air dry on a clean towel and once dry, store in a cool, dry place.