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Luxury Vibrators


Explore the world of luxury vibrators, designed to fit the most sophisticated needs. Silky smooth and of delightful appearance, they come in a wide variety of seductive shapes.

Enjoy crystal-embedded clit toys with speeds of up to thousands of revolutions per minute. The 24 and 18-karat gold ring vibrators are great as a stylish accessory and sexual wellness toy. Luxurious oral stimulators that feel incredibly sensual against your skin. We have them all and more!

Treat yourself to a luxury vibrator that will take your pleasure to the new heights. Different attachments, separately controllable motors, multiple vibration patterns, suction and warming modes - you will love testing all the variations!

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What is a Luxury Vibrator?

A luxury vibrator is a vibrating sex toy made from premium materials with extra love and attention to detail. These deluxe toys are engineered with ultimate comfort in mind. Their goal is to ensure a soft, smooth sensation and experience.

Luxury vibrators are high-end sex toys that typically come with multiple pleasure options to stimulate different areas of the body. For instance, curvy deluxe models are incredibly accurate at hitting the G-spot while gently massaging the external erogenous zones. Others are great at teasing the anus or clitoris while stimulating other areas. There is even a vibrator that alters its vibration rhythm based on your favorite music. Luxury sex toys feature a wide range of functions for different purposes.

When buying a luxury vibrator, you're getting more for your money due to the various different functions you can seamlessly control as your arousal heightens. A luxury vibrator can fit easily in your hand to explore your body and comes in beautiful colors you will love.

Why We Need Luxury Sex Toys: Ultimate Pleasure and Dual Stimulation

From premium suction toys and rabbit vibrators for G-spot and clitoral stimulation to warming bullet vibrators and magic wand massagers, made of titanium. A luxury vibrator renders customizable pleasure through premium materials, amazing features and multiple intensity levels.

Looking for a super-functional premium gadget? A deluxe vibrator is typically remote controlled, easy to hold and operate in hands-free mode. Want to treat yourself to a luxury sex toy that looks beautiful and is worth the splurge? Get yourself one of the luxury sleek designs.

Whatever your needs, browse our selection to find the most exciting and functional luxury vibrators worth their price tags.

  • Visual Aspect: Luxury vibrators look beautiful. With their beautiful colors and smooth shapes, you'll get turned on just by looking at them. Choose from incredibly stunning emerald greens, golds, deep purples and other luxurious colors. The high quality of luxury vibrators means they'll be with you for the long run. As long as you take proper care of your luxury sex toy, it will take care of you.
  • Materials: In terms of materials, you will find innumerable options. Titanium, 24 and 18-carat-gold, and platinum silicone are at the top of the list of premium sex toy materials. Ultra-luxe silicone comes in several variants, including platinum, medical-grade and liquid silicone. Other options may include genuine leather, sensual crystal, acrylic and nylon.
  • Comfort: Whether you choose a magic wand or womanizer premium, there is enough to reach the summit. Skin-soft, highly-innovative and easy to operate, luxury sex toys for couples and self-pleasure offer extra comfort and pleasure. If price tags aren't a problem, check out the pricey options. Wand vibrators, vibrating panties, warming bullet vibrators for external stimulation and much more.
  • Functionality: Luxury vibrators typically come with integrated batteries, multiple vibration settings, dozens of vibration patterns and speed options. These varying intensities and vibration programs help customize your pleasure. Also, you can go for the vibe that renders stimulation through pressure waves for more intense orgasms. Water-resistance properties, dual motors and remote controlled options also add functionality.

Self-Satisfyer vs. Couples Vibrator: Simple Buyer's Guide

When reality hits the fan, you can fall victim to disappointment. Here are some important things you need to know about luxury vibrators:

External: This category includes 'Le Wand' and other luxury massaging sex toys designed as a general body massager. They can stimulate, relax muscles, relieve aches and pains, or be used for intimate intentions.

Internal: These are insertable sex toys that are safe to use for anal, G-spot and clitoral stimulation. Many come with multiple pressure wave intensities and can be used to stimulate different erogenous zones at the same time.

Clitoral and Suction Toys: These sleek vibrators can get used inside and outside the vagina. Whisper quiet, they often come with intelligent modes and heating function. These are ideal to stimulate the erogenous zones.

Prostate massagers: These expensive vibrators feature dozens of vibration modes. They go around or on the shaft of the penis, simulating masturbation. Their intense vibrations can also stimulate the areas inside and outside the anus.

Luxury Vibrators FAQs

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