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G-Spot Vibrators


Discover dozens of perfect G-spot vibrators, capable of reaching the erogenous zone responsible for deep and delicious orgasms. Their emblematic curved shape with a wider tip is specifically designed to stimulate the G-spot, creating new heights of excitement.

Fun and easy to use, they are great for external stimulation and penetration. Available in female and male elegant designs, our powerful G-spot vibrators increase arousal and bring you to climax in record time. Use them alone or with a partner. Either way, they will fill you with amazing pleasure!

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What is a G-Spot Vibrator?

A G-spot vibrator is a motorized sex toy with a curved shaft that is specifically designed to stimulate the the erogenous zone known as the G-spot. It may come as a surprise, but G-spot vibrators aren't just a female sex toy. They can be used by everyone, regardless of gender or sexual orientation.

A G-spot vibrator is a sex toy with female and male varieties. The female version of the device is built to massage the G-spot, described as a bean-shaped area of the vagina. Some women report that it is an erogenous zone which, when stimulated, can lead to strong sexual arousal, powerful orgasms and female ejaculation. The male version of the G-spot vibrator is used for massaging the prostate for both sexual and health-related reasons. (Wikipedia)

The G-spot vibe category offers many different designs and size options. From neutral curved designs to flexible body models and G-spot dildo rabbit vibrators for clitoral stimulation. Whatever the style, ergonomic handles are always perfectly angled for comfortable access to the G-spot. Equipped with powerful motors, these sex toys can stimulate the muscles inside the vagina or rectum, applying vibrations and firm pressure to the G-spot.

Classic G-spot vibrators feature a curved shaft with a rounded, slightly angled head. When inserted, they can deliver repetitive strokes in a remote control mode, which makes them a perfect tool for hands-free stimulation. Curved heads and handles of these intimate massagers are typically made from high-quality materials that are silky-soft and nice to touch.

The shapes vary from smooth and streamlined to beaked ridges, offering different forms of stimulation. Several levels of intensity combined with multiple vibration patterns offer endless possibilities for a unique customer experience. People use them as massage wands or for added prostate and clitoral stimulation.

G-Spot Massager: G-Spot Stimulation & Full-Body Orgasms

Made with high-quality materials, our range of G-spot vibrators let everyone explore their sexuality and create orgasmic experiences. Silky-soft and exciting, they have a chic curve and powerful motors to deliver amazing G-spot sensations through deep vibrations and precise stimulation:

  • Variety of shapes - Different shapes combined with multiple functions make G-spot vibrators the ideal option for everyone. People use them for self-pleasure; during foreplay to increase arousal; as a clit vibrator or anal toy for double stimulation.
  • Different textures - Our G-spot vibrators don't scrape on quality. Each toy is specially selected to deliver incredible pleasure. Dual-density silicone coat lends a unique sensation of delight, while varying textures create a refined feel.
  • All sizes - Small G-spot vibrators have a compact size and often come with a travel lock to ensure safe transit. Although mini and whisper quiet, they can provide intense targeted stimulation. Larger G-spot vibrators fit nicely inside the vagina or rectum and are easy to hold and control.
  • Remote control - Remote control options from the G-spot vibe category can bring fun and excitement into solo and partner play. Some clitoral stimulators come with extra features such as pulsation modes. When worn during sex, they deliver intense stimulation to both the G-spot and clitoris.
  • Multi - speed - Multiple vibration modes and intensities can be combined into a prefect mix. They go from a gentle tingling to an intense rumbling. An easy-to-hold handle with intuitive button controls allows you to change speeds and vibration settings with just one click.
  • Extra features - As with other types of toys, the extra features and customizable settings of a G-spot sex toy for couples and solo play can create a unique experience. Made of soft silicone, many designs are USB rechargeable and waterproof, safe for bath and shower play. Lithium-ion batteries are safe and reliable.

How to Use G-Spot Toys: Vibrations and Angled Head for Precise Pressure

Before diving straight in with a G-spot vibrator, it's a good idea to use your fingers to find exactly where your G-spot is located. Most women and other folks with a clitoris report their G-spot to be about 2 to 3 inches inside the vaginal canal. While the prostate gland is located about 2 inches into the rectum.

Start by applying your favorite lubricant to the area. Play with your clitoris or stroke your taint to bring yourself to climax. The sensitivity of the G-spot becomes more intense the more aroused you feel. Once inside, curl your fingers backwards and feel around until you get a pleasurable feeling.

Before the insertion, apply a bit of lube to your G-spot vibrator. Start slowly, use it as a massaging wand at first. Experiment with the vibrations, power settings and strokes. Once you're ready, slide your curved G-spot vibrator in a couple of inches and press its curved, flexible head against the G-spot.

If your sex toy is remote controlled, you can insert it and use your hands or a finger vibrator to stimulate other erogenous zones, such as the clitoris, vulva, nipples or taint at the same time. Play with different motions, pressure and angles to find what works best for you.

G-Spot Vibrators FAQs

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