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Egg and Bullet Vibrators


Browse our varied selection of the best compact-sized love egg vibrators. Small but mighty vibe eggs are designed to provide powerful vibrations and delicious sensations in a discreet mode.

Almost silent, wearable and remote controlled, vibrating eggs are a fantastic sex toy. They are body-safe and versatile, great for masturbation, vaginal and anal play.

Whether you're seeking to spice up your solo play, want to train your pelvic floor muscles or add some fun to your couple's play, an egg vibrator can be your ideal sex toy!

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What is an Egg Vibrator?

A love egg is a type of egg or bullet shaped vibrator that is used for stimulation. They can also be referred to as egg vibrators or bullet vibrators, depending on their shape. They are typically weaker than larger external vibrators, such as wands, but are still popular due to their lower price and discreet nature. The primary purpose of these vibrators is targeted stimulation of internal or external erogenous zones. (Wikipedia)

Vibrating bullet and egg sex toys are mostly wireless remote or app controlled. Thanks to their compact size, they have low noise levels while offering great capabilities. Both styles usually come customizable vibration settings. They are often used by couples in long-distance play as well as during foreplay and masturbation.

While vibration patterns, speeds and motor strength may vary, vibrating eggs sex toys are great for targeted and broad stimulation. The most common material is 100% body-safe silicone. A wearable vibrator made from this kind of soft silicone can be used internally for extended periods of time.

Most of waterproof sex toys feature ergonomic designs with remote control and a built-in, single button. USB rechargeable batteries that feed powerful motors offer extended running time for relentless vibrations.

Body-friendly sizes, safest materials and colorful designs - hot pink, blue light, sun orange - add extra fun. Differently shaped heads and varying insertable length options help reach many erogenous zones.

Powerful Egg Vibe: Remote Control Vibrations, Small Size and Light to Hold

From mini vibrator massager to G-spot sexual wellness vibe for clitoral stimulation, vibrating eggs sex toys come in a wide range of styles and shapes. You can use different vibration speeds for pleasure, vaginal, anal play and pelvic floor muscle training. Egg vibrators have so much to offer!

Powerful and Discreet: While not so powerful as full-sized wand vibrators, a USB rechargeable egg can be great for external, anal and clit stimulation. It offers deeper vibrations than vibrating panties and massage your erogenous zone.

Remote Controlled: A wireless remote control egg can last a long time on only one charge. If you're in a long distance relationship, take or give the control. Explore strong pulsations and different vibration modes with your partner. Enjoy the skin-like silicone touch on low settings.

Compact Sized: Egg vibrators are small sized and easy to carry. You can safely wear it for extended periods at home or in public. Take it with you and enjoy your favorite egg sex vibration mode. You will love it as much as we do!

Easy to Use: Just like panty vibrators, app remote controlled eggs sex toys are super easy to use and operate. Advanced users love them, too! Egg vibe can accommodate all body types. It can be a clitoral vibrator or a prostate massager, depending on user's preferences.

Versatile: Explore strong vibrations, great for dual stimulation. Take advantage of a strong motor, experiment with different pleasure modes your egg toys vibrator can offer! Use it to set up the mood during foreplay, masturbation or as a preparation for a bigger sex toy.

Love Egg or Bullet Vibrators: What's the Difference and How They Work

One of the main differences between egg and bullet vibrating toys is that eggs sex toys have a built-in, retrieval string. The sturdy string makes a love egg safe to use during vaginal and anal play. Discreet vibrators that don't have a cord, can be used for external stimulation.

Both styles usually feature soft silicone coats and strong, built-in motors. Innovative designs, app controls and adjustable vibration strength make them one of the best adult sex toys for solo play and partnered sex. A remote control allows couples to use the vibe for long-distance bedroom and public play.

Using a vibrating love egg or bullet is easy. Start by setting the mood. Apply your favorite lubricant on your vibe. Turn it on and explore different vibrations. It's recommended to use bullet vibrators for external stimulation. Hold it gently against your or your lover's erogenous zone. Move forward slowly.

Egg and Bullet Vibrators FAQs

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