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Silicone Dildos


Discover our dozens of perfect dildo designs, ideal to use alone or with a partner. Soft enough to feel extra comfortable and more realistic than plastic or glass toys, silicone dildos feature life skin textures that warm quickly to your body temperature, providing enhanced sensations.

When it comes to body-safe, long-lasting materials, platinum silicone is the best self care option. It is medical grade, non-porous and incredibly durable. Browse our selection of the best silicone dildo sex toys on the market and enjoy discreet shipping.

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What is a Silicone Dildo?

A silicone dildo is an adult sex toy that looks phallic in appearance, made from high-quality silicone. Thanks to exceptional characteristics of purity, posh silicone used to made dildo sex toys is a great body safe option preferred by many careful users for several reasons.

Silicone is resistant to accidental damage, non-porous, and can be sterilized easily, making silicone dildos more durable and sanitary than dildos made of other soft materials. Silicone dildos conduct vibration well, and can be used in combination with a vibrator. (Wikipedia)

In addition to adult toys, the same high-quality silicone blend produced by the leading silicone manufacturers is commonly used in the pharmaceutical industry. It is also known as platinum cure silicone or platinum-cured silicone blend.

As such, medical-grade platinum cure silicone is one of the safest choices for those looking for a durable sex toy. It is phthalate-free, hypoallergenic and thus, absolutely skin safe. Still, it is important to keep your platinum dildo vibrator safe from anything that could pit or tear the layers of silicone.

As for shapes and special features, silicon dildos offer a wide array of choices. Most realistic dildos feature straight shafts and textured surfaces. Fantasy dildo colorful options often have curved shafts, ideal for G-spot stimulation. Many designs come with a remote control and suction cups to ensure strong adherence to any smooth surface.

Most high-tech models are harness compatible and have a built-in vibrator that offers the deeper thrusts for amazing prostate and anal stimulation. Anal dildos with a strong suction cup or wider base can be used for safe and comfortable anal penetration during hands-free play.

Enjoy Your Toy with Passion: Flexible Shaft, Skin Safe Materials and Other Benefits

Silicone dildos are among the most versatile, skin-safe sex toys available. Their erect core and flexible shaft have a wide appeal for adults of any gender or sexual orientation. Silicone is a beautiful material for sex toys that makes them feel smooth and firm enough for anal or vaginal penetration.

Need some inspiration and new ideas?Check our list of the top characteristics beneficial to users:

  • Smooth Sensations - A real skin dildo made from silicone feels silky smooth on the inside and outside of your body. Use it during foreplay and masturbation.
  • Buzz for Extra Pleasure - A vibrating dildo that can hit all the right spots at once offers users mind-blowing sensations and intense orgasms.
  • Hands-Free Fun - Enjoy the dual-density cores of a double dildo with your partner or try a dildo with suction cups for exciting solo play.
  • Waterproof - Take your time in the shower, bathtub or pool to enjoy the silicone waterproof qualities and life skin textures of your favorite dildo.
  • Safe Play and Easy Cleaning - Platinum silicone is safe and easy to clean with mild soap or anti-bacterial hand soap and water.

No matter what your preferences are in terms of size, style, and features, silicone dildo sex toys give you plenty of options to explore and enjoy. Just remember to always use your sex toy with lubricant for a positive experience and better performance.

How to Incorporate It into Couple Play and Masturbation

Any adult can use a soft silicone dildo for masturbation. Simply lube up and follow your bliss - there are no 'rules' when it comes to self-pleasure. If your silicone dildo also vibrates, you can enjoy the vibrations internally or externally. Use your toy to either edge your pleasure or bring yourself to a fast orgasm.

Many posh silicone dildos can be paired with a strap-on harness, which might appeal to some lesbian couples or trans people. Heterosexual couples can also use strapless strapon toys to enhance their sex games. Additionally, silicone double dildos allow for anal orgasms and prostate play.

Silicone Double Trouble: Dildo or Butt Plug?

You can definitely find both dildos and anal plugs that are made out of silicone. However, anal toys including butt plug toys will always have a flared base to prevent it from getting stuck inside the body.

If you're interested in exploring anal play, invest in silicone anal bead and plug sets or get yourself an anal-safe, straight shaft soft silicone dildo with suction cup (one popular option is a dildo with a heart-shaped base).

Never put a silicone dildo with a non-flared base in the rectum - no one wants an embarrassing trip to the emergency room! Keep your silicone dildos intended for vaginal use strictly for vaginal penetration and external stimulation.

Silicone Dildos FAQs

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