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Metal Dildos


There are so many dildos on the market, but metal dildos aren't usually the ones people immediately add to their carts when shopping. Metal dildos are stunning and unique looking sex toys that are perfect for adding to your collection of toys.

While their primary purpose is similar to any standard dildo, they're particularly helpful when using temperature play. Whether you have experience with metal dildos or are ready to spice things up for yourself or you and your partner, a metal dildo is a great way to do so.

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Why People Love Metal Dildos

Why would someone choose a metal dildo over a silicone, glass, or another type of dildo? There are a few reasons. Not only are these different types of dildos that will feel a little different compared to other materials, but because they feel different, they can provide a completely different climax experience.

Most people love metal dildos because it allows them to experience more with varying temperatures that you can't get with other dildos.

You can chill the dildo to provide a tinkling and chilly sensation that some people love or warm the dildo up slightly to mimic the feeling of the body heat that a partner could provide.

They're ultimately a different experience than other dildos and allow you to experiment with what you like and what feels good to you with a new and exciting toy. Not all metal dildos come with a vibrating feature, but those that do tend to be very popular.

You can combine the penetration sensation with vibrations and temperature play to increase your pleasure and have a more intense orgasm.

How To Use a Metal Dildo

Using a metal dildo isn't much different than using another material dildo. You'll make sure that there's lubrication to ensure everything feels good and is not forced. You can take the metal dildo and slide it inside yourself or your partner if you're into partner play with these toys.

Metal dildos don't typically come with a vibrating feature, so you'll need to play around with what feels good to you or whoever you're with.

Since metal dildos are the ideal toy to use when you're interested in experimenting with temperature play, there are some things to know about using metal dildos in this capacity.

If you're interested in experimenting with cooler or cold temperatures, you can play with your metal dildo in the refrigerator or freezer for a little bit before you're ready. As for warmer temperatures, you'll need to be extra careful. The last thing you want to do is burn yourself or your partner down there.

Our Metal Dildos

While our metal dildo collection isn't as large as the other dildos we carry, we're confident that you'll find one that fits your needs.

They're made with the highest-quality metal material that shouldn't cause issues for anyone, as long as you don't have a metal allergy. They come in various sizes, so you can find the most pleasurable size for you or whoever you want to use the metal dildo with.

As you shop through our metal dildo inventory, you'll find that they're all made with stainless steel. Some are thick, and others are skinnier, long or short. We even have a few that have a slight curve to help you reach the G-spot easier for a more intense climax.

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