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Realistic Dildos


Discover our full range of realistic dildos with the most vivid shapes and feel. We offer silicone models from many vendors to please new and experienced dildo users alike. The various dildo sizes and girths make these toys adjustable to everyone's needs.

Selectable skin tone colors accentuate these faithful dildos' representations of lifelike cocks. Apply water-based lube and enjoy the ride for as long as you want. Use the suction cup dildo for hands-free experiences, turn the vibrations to maximum and utilize any of the many features.

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What is a Realistic Dildo?

A realistic dildo is a form of phallic sex toy that is crafted in such a way that it accurately replicates a human penis. Real feel textures, smooth surfaces and textured shafts with a pronounced head help replicate erect male penises even more closely.

Soft dildos as well as hollow strap-ons are typically made out of liquid silicone rubber or similar body-safe materials. Firm feeling dildo designs such as glass dildos are usually made from non-toxic compounds, such as borosilicate glass.

Realistic silicone dildos allow for a greater range of motion while keeping the stiffness of an erect penis and skin-like external features. A dual density lifelike dildo features a firm, veined shaft with a soft outer layer of platinum silicone. The presence of testicles varies depending on the model, while the shafts usually contain bulging veins of many formations and sizes.

A suction cup dildo that is attachable to a smooth surface heightens the realistic aspect of these sex toys and increases your playtime options. They can be used in a solo setting, or with a partner depending on your needs and experience level with dildo sex toys.

Get Real with a Cock of Your Dreams: Realism of Materials, Variety of Shapes, Suction Cup Base & Harness Compatibility

Every detail matters when a realistic silicone dildo size is in question. It needs to cater to a personal experience level with various customization options. Whatever your choice, a dildo with balls, one of the king cocks, or vibrating dildo - the ultimate purpose of your sex toy is to please you. And they achieve that by being the closest to a perfect penis of your dreams.

For some, the authenticity of a real penis is achieved through a dildo with balls. For others it's the perpetual state of a throbbing erection that will never fail them. If you need assistance with your decision, these five features of our high-quality products are always good to keep in mind:

  • Exciting and Lifelike: Keeping the look and feeling of a real thing attributes to sensational internal stimulation. Besides penetration being the final goal, these exciting toys are great at steaming hot foreplay. They are known as a perfect tool to boost bedroom play.
  • Variety of Shapes:You can find a realistic dildo in a variety of lifelike shapes. From 7-inch realistic to impressive size queens with realistic balls to a thick dildo molded from your favorite porn star. Curved models are popular for G-spot stimulation, while a simple design with a flared base can be the right choice for safe anal play.
  • Harness Compatible: Using a realistic dildo on your own is always a great choice, but sometimes it’s best to have alternatives. If you choose a harness compatible ultra realistic dildo of your favorite shape or one of the hollow strapons for steamy couple's play, you may enjoy the absolute realism and hands-free action.
  • Body Safe and Versatile: Realistic suction cup dildos made of body-safe, hypoallergenic materials are waterproof and don’t cause toxic reactions in contact with your skin. Those same materials make the toys versatile so they can bend them in any direction while enduring your passionate cock rides.
  • All Sizes and Intensities:From petite fit and standard to huge dildos of stunning insertable length, we carry toys to fit for any desire. If you love experimenting, inflatable dildos with a bulbous head and veined shaft might be a good choice to enjoy authentic sensations.

How to Use Lifelike Dildos and Lubes for Realistic Feeling and Better Experience

The realistic design offers a much higher engagement and can fulfill almost any erotic fantasy in the best way, according to sex educators and enthusiasts. If you select a slender model with a suction cup, you've got a lot of hands-free play positions at your disposal as well.

Before you take your new dildo for a wild ride, make sure to get aroused beforehand. It will help with initial penetration and increase your curiosity to try new things. Set the mood by dimming the lights or play erotic music for a more personal experience.

Please yourself or play with your partner until you feel the rush of lust through your body. Apply water-based lubricant to your sex toy and rub it with your hands as if you were performing a handjob.

Even if you're in for a night of strap-on sex with your partner, using this technique will make your experience more immersive. For additional stimulation and amazing feeling of fullness, you can try one of the girthy dildos. Or you try a vibrating dildo with a remote control function for mutual pleasure and a quality personal experience.

Realistic Dildos FAQs

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