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Glass Dildos


Discover the best Glass Dildo options on the web. Our designs are made from safe, shatterproof and hypoallergenic premium glass.

Hard, strong and easy to clean. The glass products we carry maintain firm pressure for extra stimulation. Shop online and control the temperature and intensity of your play.

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What are Glass Dildos?

Glass dildos are just like classic dildos, but made from premium glass. They are manufactured in curve or straight shape to accommodate each user. The thickness of the crystal guarantees durability. In other words, you don't have to worry about glass split.

The most common material used is borosilicate glass. That said, your precious crystal dildo, anal toy or glass butt plug will not crack or break, even when exposed to extreme temperatures.

Unlike cheap silicone coats, glass is non-toxic and much easier to clean. It can be boiled or washed under running hot water or cold water.

Glass products retain cold and heat from water, making them the perfect adult sex toy for temperature play. This erotic sexual experience heightens the senses, targeting neuroreceptors by using heat and cold to produce extra P-spot pleasure or G-spot stimulation.

Get Passionate with a Sensual Glass Dildo

People prefer sensual glass dildos over silicone toys for many reasons. Such as their safety, beauty, variety of textures and hypoallergenic qualities.

Glass dildos are super easy to clean, safe and odor-free. You can clean your glass sex toy with running warm water and soap or leave it in boiling, hot water for a few minutes.

For a unique temperature sensation, submerge your favorite glass dildo in hot water or a glass of ice water.

All glass toys, including crystal dildos and anal plugs, are waterproof. This makes them excellent tools to use in the shower, pool or tub.

Still not sure what type of dildo to choose? Here is a list of the most important benefits of using a glass dildo:

  • Reliable: Stability & Safety Guaranteed
  • Firm: Level of Pressure Needed for G-Spot & Anal Stimulation
  • Body-Safe: Hypoallergenic & Non-toxic
  • Huge Variety: Smooth, Ribbed, Straight or Curved
  • Elegant & Beautiful: Sensual Glass Toys with Flared Base
  • Functional: Ideal for Extra Stimulation
  • Universal: Compatible with all Lubes
  • Easy-Care: Hygienic & Easy to Clean
  • Water-Resistant: Ideal for Use in the Shower

Regardless of the shaft shape and texture you choose, you’re guaranteed to enjoy clitoral or prostate massage and achieve anal or clitoral stimulation. Because size does matter, you can get a smooth dildo with a dramatic curve or a textured dildo with big, bubbly bumps.

Ribbed glass dildos are designed with strategically placed ridges and bumps round the shaft. This design helps to enhance pleasure and cervical stimulation during penetration. These ridges increase the friction felt during penetration which ultimately heightens arousal and applies precise pressure.

Playing with Glass Dildos

Playing with a glass dildo is basically the same as playing with regular silicone toys. They can be used for anal or cervical stimulation during sex, foreplay or masturbation. Glass dildos are great for those who enjoy precise pressure. These toys have similar shapes and pressure requirements. They can be easily cooled or warmed before use, and feel amazing when traced over the body or used internally.

Different types of crystal dildo models offer different opportunities for fun and stimulation:

Realistic Glass Dildos

Realistic glass dildos offer incredible sensations along with the appearance of a real penis. The smooth yet rigid feel of the realistic glass dildo will help you reach incredible orgasms.

Glass Anal Dildos

For those who enjoy anal stimulation, an anal plug or dildo is perfect for experimenting with extreme sensations. Enjoy the firm pressure that only a swirl glass dildo can offer. If you use a silicone lube, pair it with a professional sex toy cleaner.

Double Ended Glass Dildos

Double ended glass dildo can enhance couple play. Each end of a double trouble glass dong helps stimulate both users at the same time. Realistic double ended glass models produce powerful orgasms.

Crystal Pleasure Wand

Crystal wands are a unique dildo design usually made from stone. This makes them ideal for firm pressure. Natural stones themselves have healing properties, and are believed to help in love and relationships.

Glass Dildo FAQs

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