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Suction Cup Dildos


Explore our selection of the best and most popular suction cup dildos. Different colors, various lengths and girths, fantasy and realistic cock shapes. Thanks to high quality materials, the tiniest details ranging from testicles to glans, look and feel incredibly real.

The strong cup base can be wall mounted or placed on any flat surface. Your sex toy will stay still so that you can enjoy hands-free fun or safe anal play.

This body-safe design allows you to use your hands for additional stimulation, whereas vibrating dildos deliver the mightiest orgasms.

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What is a Suction Cup Dildo?

A suction dildo is a regular dildo in the shape, size, and girth of an erect penis. They have a base that is designed to stick to a flat, smooth surface. It can be placed in any position, one only needs to mount it to a horizontal or vertical surface. It can stay put anywhere the user finds suitable for hands-free fun.

A strong suction force resists the motion of a person that's using the toy, and it makes it stand still. Most commonly the cock part of the toy is made of silicone. It is firm on the inside for stability and with softer skin-like features on the outside for a real erect penis feeling. It's a technology known as dual density design, or triple density design if the suction cup is solid enough.

The silicone cock part is flexible while at the same time hard enough to replicate the real feel of a human penis. They can be shaped to bend at a specific angle, with the tip leaning upright or downwards. Some dildos with a pronounced head, flexible shaft and balls, feels incredibly real. Others feature curved shafts, ideal for intense P-spot and G-spot stimulation.

Suction Cup Dildos: Realistic Dildo & Vibrators for Hands-Free Pleasure and Extra Stimulation

A suction dildo is widely adored and usually venerated by its users. Due to the range of shapes, variety of colors, and multiple realistic cock features, a silicone dildo is mostly considered the perfect sex toy. In a private setting, they can allow more immersiveness due to the their innate ability to stand still in positions that allow greater motion range.

Considering their massive potential, quality materials, superior design and strong suction cup base, our dildos are toys that everyone can enjoy. No matter what fantasy you intend to fulfill, the following five features are the top reasons why they’re so versatile:

  • Realistic: Some details of an actual penis such as tiny veins, toughness, and the various shapes of glans make our silicone toys really lifelike. Not only do they look like a real cock, but the feeling is almost like the real thing. The main differences are they stay hard forever and are able to perform for as long as you want.
  • Vibrating: A vibrator-enhanced powerful suction cup dildo is a great addition to an already amazing sex toy. It can quickly become one of your favorite dildos. Multiple speed options easily adaptable to your level of arousal provide greater, faster and harder orgasms.
  • Extra Large: When it comes to personal preference, a big girthy cock is a must for some. A suction cup dildo comes in sizes that can go up to 17 inches of insertable length, giving them a wide application range. Many models have a few extra inches of girth. Both of these features will make it easier for you to hit all the right spots.
  • Pornstar-themed: Realistic firm and soft dildos can even go a step further, they can be molded by a real pornstar cock in a 3D design. So now, you can feel your favorite adult movie stud inside you. Add to that the suction cup stand mounted to a shower wall and it will be as close to the real thing as it gets.
  • Prostate & G-spot Stimulators: Bend it at the right angle and rub it against the clitoris for extra delight before vaginal penetration. Or use it as your favorite prostate massager for anal stimulation and prostate orgasms. Electrifying cock models are an orgasm magnum opus of sex toys.

How to Use a Silicone Dildo with Suction Cup & Lube: Bedroom and Shower Wall Fun

You should always get in the mood first and engage in some kind of foreplay before using a suction cup cock. Particularly if you're planning to use it for anal penetration. Before you start, make sure to scan the best possible place to mount your rainbow dildo. It's important to find a good position for enjoyable hands-free play.

Once you’re aroused, make sure to apply water-based lube on the silicone cock. For vaginal dildo sex, if you’re naturally lubricated, there is no initial need for any kind of additional lubricant. Although it is advised to have it nearby in case you run out of natural juices.

Mounting the dildo in a vertical position on a flat wall allows you to engage in doggy-style sex. Your hands are therefore free to assist you in other ways. You can play with your private parts, switch vibration speeds and even use another toy in combination with the suction cup dildo.

If you’re with your sex partner, you can give oral pleasure and at the same time use your hands for stimulation. Mounting these cock-like toys on a horizontal surface allows a lot more interaction. You can engage in double penetration intercourse or simply go deeper with it.

Suction Cup Dildos FAQs

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