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G-Spot Dildos


Hit that all important g-spot with one of our incredible g-spot dildos. Hitting the g-spot can give you mind blowing orgasms that are more intense than you’ve ever felt before. Shop the full range of the best g-spot dildos now for powerful pleasure. Get free delivery over $50 and discreet packaging always.

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Best G-Spot Dildos

The g-spot can be a hard nut to crack with many women finding it difficult to achieve orgasm through internal stimulation only. With the help of one of our g-spot orgasm dildos, you’ll find it much easier to reach climax and feel fulfilled. Choose a curved g-spot dildo to easily locate the area and make stimulating it much easier. We offer a huge range of sizes, styles and materials to suit everyone’s tastes. Choose a silicone g-spot dildo for silky smooth sensations or try out a more rigid glass or metal curved g-spot dildo to hit the spot more intensely. Whatever your desires, choose our range of the best dildos to hit the g-spot now.

Our best g-spot dildos are great for solo play and exploring your own pleasure. The curved g-spot dildos are perfect for locating your g-spot and stimulating it until orgasm. For those who struggle with reaching climax solely through internal penetration try using a clitoral vibrator or wand vibrator at the same time and prepare yourself for an incredibly intense orgasm. Alternatively, use your new favorite sex toy with your partner for some exploratory play. Let your partner use your g-spot orgasm dildo to find that magical spot for an intimate and passionate night. Pair with sexy lingerie and handcuffs for even more eroticism.

Silicone G-Spot Dildo

Choose a silicone g-spot dildo for the smooth and silky penetration you’ve always wanted. When paired with a generous amount of lube, the sensations felt with these toys are like no other. We always recommend using water-based lube with any silicone toy, as silicone lube can break down the materials causing bacteria to harbor. View our range of incredible water-based lubes to pair with your silicone g-spot dildo for a sensual experience.

Each g-spot dildo features a unique, angled shape that allows the tip to curve and massage your g-spot perfectly. As the g-spot is located a few inches inside the vagina, our curved g-spot dildos are the perfect design to reach. Play around with the motions, pressure and vibration settings if opting for a vibrating g-spot dildo to find what presses your buttons best. Edge closer to earth-shattering g-spot orgasms with these specially designed dildos; they truly are the best dildos to hit the g-spot!

G-Spot Dildos FAQs

How Do You Find The G-Spot With A G-Spot Orgasm Dildo?

Firstly, after choosing your best g-spot dildo, apply a generous amount of water-based lube and make yourself aroused to make for easier entry. We recommend reading an erotic novel or masturbating with a vibrator. When you’re aroused, lie on your back and slowly insert the g-spot dildo into your vagina with the cured tip pointing up towards your belly button. The g-spot is located a few inches inside your vagina. Play around with pressure and movements until you hit the spot.

Is It Easier To Orgasm Using A G-Spot Dildo?

Although nothing is guaranteed, using a g-spot stimulating dildo is definitely a great tool for getting closer to the sought after g-spot orgasm. As 70% of women find it difficult to orgasm from internal penetration alone, much of the time other sex toys or stimulation is required. We recommend vibrators or nipple toys. When exploring the sensations of the g-spot stimulating dildo, you can play around to find what works best for you, and you may be in for a good chance of hitting the spot just right to reach climax.