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Big Dildos


Browse our varied selection of big dildos. Find everything from chubby, dual density realistic designs to monster silicone and giant inflatable models. Our extensive collection features body-safe designs made from flexible, high-grade materials that are practical and pleasant in use.

Long or chubby, realistic or fantasy, all our models are flexible, completely body safe and durable. Shop online for your biggest dildo, perfectly crafted to enjoy amazing vaginal G-spot & anal play.

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What are Huge Dildos?

Big-sized or huge dildos are dildo sex toys that features macrophallic dimensions. Compared with the average size of an erect penis (between 5 and 6 inches), gigantic dildos measure at least 8 inches long and have a starting 5.5-inch girth. These dimensions may go up as far as 16 and 9 inches respectively.

As extra-large designs may significantly vary in size, they come in different names that make reference to their size. Such as colossal dildo, hammer dildo, gigantic dildo, massive dildo, monster dildo, dragon dildo, horse, walrus or elephant dildo. Many of these names explicitly indicate the toy's nature. For instance, colorful tentacle dildo and monster dildo designs feature a theoretical phallus belonging to a fantasy creature. While equine dildos resemble a horse's penis.

Colossal dildo toys are made to please users who want to enjoy a fantastic feeling of fullness and enormous pleasure, or experience new, exciting sensations. That said, extra-large toys come in an wide range of styles, colors and textures. Designed to straighten themselves rather than stretch or tear your body, big-sized toys can be used for internal stimulation, partial penetration or vaginal G-spot & anal play.

Made from flexible, high-quality, bodysafe materials, these adventurous dildos are body-safe and easy to use. As a size matters, non-experienced dildo enthusiasts may want to measure themselves and check a girthy guide beforehand. This will allow them to find the right size and enjoy a genuine feeling of satisfaction and reach exciting orgasms.

Get Hot & Heavy with a Big Realistic Dildo

You don't have to believe 'bigger is always better' to enjoy big-sized toys. It may come as a surprise, but extra-large toys are great for solo play and shared pleasure. People love playing with big toys that feature textured and skin-like surfaces.

Check our list of the top 5 characteristics highlighted by dildo review participants, from beginners to advanced users:

  • Variety of Sizes: Pleasure and Safety Guaranteed for Everyone.
  • Different Textures: Smooth, Ribbed, Straight or Curved for G-Spot & Anal Play.
  • Functional: Ideal for Stimulation, Partial Penetration and Full Action.
  • Body-Safe: Made of Flexible Materials and Stretchy.
  • Versatile: Harness Compatible and Waterproof for Use with a Partner.

Ready to give it a try? Browse our entire range of products and please yourself with a new, exciting toy. It's sure to provide a fantastic feeling of fullness and bring a variety of orgasmic experiences!

How to Use a Hulk Dildo

Warm up with some foreplay and anal or vaginal G-spot masturbation. If you're into a backdoor action, you may want to first use your favorite dildo or a giant butt plug (standard-sized and huge butt plug are also an option). For female-bodied people we recommend erotic fiction with a clit vibrator or wand vibrator to gently stretch and relax the vagina.Once you're ready, apply plenty of lube to your huge dildo toy and your body.

Remember, silicone lubricants are not compatible with sex toys made of silicone. We recommend pairing your silicone giant dildos with anal lubricants or a water-based lubricant. Start inserting your massive dildo slowly, inch by inch. When it accommodates comfortably inside, you can continue to ride, thrust and enjoy your hands-free action as you like.

Once finished, clean your toy with warm water or a sex toy cleaner for long-lasting protection.

Choosing Your Biggest Dildo: Anal Dildo, Chubby Dildo or Fisting Dildo?

If you're feeling like your normal sized dildo isn't cutting it anymore, we have the solution. Try your hand at a hulk dildo that features extra girth for maximum pleasure. This dildo category includes thick 7-9 inch realistic silicone dildos, chubby bright-colored dildos and master series fist dildos especially loved by advance users. All these styles are perfect for foreplay, partial penetration and sex with your partner. Toys for anal penetration must have a flared base so you will enjoy complete pleasure control.

Be wary not to jump straight to a massive dildo if you're still a beginner. Before getting started with huge, silicone dildos, make sure you're warmed up, lubed up and mentally prepared for something intense.

Choose your perfect style, color and girth from our enormous range of the best sex toy designs. Pair your toy with vibrators and bondage gear for exciting hands-free action and incredible kinky play.

Big & Giant Dildos FAQs

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